Northumbria University Nursing Leavers Conference

Type: Pledge

Tommy, UK Lead, for Dementia Carer Voices engaged with adult/mental health/learning disability/children’s nursing students this week.

Big thank you to Sarah Annesley, Senior Lecturer & Adult Nursing Programme Lead at Northumbria University and colleagues for inviting Tommy to speak at the 3rd Year  Nursing Leavers Conference.

We were pleased to be invited on such an important day for the students, staff and the university.

We shared our Make a Difference Campaign,  Leading Change Adding Value – A Framework for Nursing, Midwifery and Care Staff (This link will take you away from our website) and Leading Change Adding Value ELearning Tool (This link will take you away from our website)

We had a brilliant day catching up with friends we met at our session last year, making new friends and meeting the inspirational Northumbria University Nurses.

Thank YOU all for a brilliant day and wonderful pledges below.

Team DCV 🙂


I will be the best version of myself, I will put into practice my skill, knowledge, compassion and gift I was given to ensure to bring out the best of individuals. I will try my upmost best to make people feel valued, respected and content.


I will ensure that I ask all patients, families and work colleagues what matter to them, so a difference can be made to enhance care in every setting.
Johnathan Harrison – Student Nurse/ Newly Qualified.


I will fight for what I believe in and if I think a change will be more beneficial to patient care, then speak up and be confident to look for ways to improve.
Bethany Lumley – Children’s Nursing Student Graduate.


I will promise to make a difference no matter how small or big. I will ask patients, cares and others what matters most in a hope this will make a difference.
Anna Matson – Staff Nurse (Newly Qualified)


I will always be a voice and an advocate for my patients, giving them opportunity to be themselves and be heard.


I will always ensure my patients are treated with love and dignity and make sure I go that extra mile to be aware of what matters to them.
Zoe Higgins – Student Nurse/NQ Nurse.


I will use my job within critical care to act as an advocate for patients when they cant speak for themselves and remember Joan’s story.
Becky May – Staff Nurse/Newly Qualified.


I will ask what is important to my patient. As nurse we can sometimes concentrate on patients’ health when sometimes, that is not important to the patients. We, as nurses should ask what we can do for them. It is not always as we expect.
Jessica Higginson – Student Nurse


I will always make sure I treat patients as individuals making sure they feel safe and happy while they are in hospital.
Ella Mackenzie – Student Nurse


I will make a conscious effort to go into practice every shift with the intentions of being the best I can be – attitude and behaviour.
Sophie Lambert – Student Nurse.


I will always try to put the patients’ needs first. Explore every avenue before making a decision and lastly always involve the patient in the decision process.
Siobhan Carrigan – Staff Nurse.


I will make it my mission to always make the time to find out what matters to my patients.
I will respect and care for everyone of my patients and learn their stories and will make a difference to someone’s life.


I will treat individuals holistically. Put myself in the patients/families’ position – ask myself what ward I want, how would I like to be treated. Take time.
Rebecca Hilton – Staff Nurse


I will do everything I can to make sure every patient I work with either directly or indirectly receives the best care that I can possibly give them.


I will try to give every person hope for the future and encouragement to be the best they can be.  Maddie Gray – LD Nurse


I will see the person not the disability. Everyone is precious to somebody. Listen to people. Maisie Buchanan – Learning Disability Nurse


I will always try my hardest I will ensure my patients are always at the centre of decisions to deliver individualised care.
Georgia Thurley – Children`s Nurse


I will always strive to give the best care possible, going the extra mile wherever I can; small things make the biggest difference.
Alice Barton – Child Nurse


I will implement the importance of family centred care, putting particular attention on siblings and support which is available to help them whilst their sibling is in hospital.
Lizzie Jackson – Paediatric Nurse


I will care for my patients as I would like my family to be cared for.
Laura Walmsley – Paediatric Nurse


I will consider the difficulties faced by families and cares consistently and listen to understand. Keely Chesters – Paediatric Nurse


I will care for service users and family to the best of my abilities every shift. I hope I go above and beyond my job role and go to work with a smile on my face.
Jacqueline Barker – Adult Nurse


I will ensure people get to die in a comfortable/preferred place. Make sure questions are asked to patients with capacity or their family.
Liam Darling-Cooper – Student Nurse/Community Staff Nurse


I will change that patients who are approaching end of life can be discharged to their preferred place any day anytime not just mon-fri 9-5.
Andrea Walton – Registered Nurse


I will help to make patients feel empowered. Listen to what and who matters most to them.
Sabrina Bi – Staff Nurse


I will always ask people about what`s important to them. Not to be task focused but person focused.


I will ask people what’s important to them. Listen more.
Erin Guy – Staff Nurse


I will lead change by listening to what is important to others and trying my best to honour their wishes.
Georgia Burrow – Adult Staff Nurse


I will smile at the people I meet everyday with genuine kindness.
Adam Hedley – Mental Health Nurse


I will always remember people come with their own story. Its important to bear that in mind and see them as an individual.
Gemma Cullen – Staff Nurse


I will endeavour to accept nothing less than the highest care/standards from myself, colleagues and other agencies.
Peter Corbett – Mental Health Nurse


I will make small changes that have a big effect.
Anna Green – Staff Nurse (Preceptor)


I will ask every patient what matters to them within their care and for when they are discharged,
Tayla Kelsey – Mental Health Nurse


I will smile, show warmth, listen and respect. I will care for each individual like they are my family.


I will always listen and be a voices and advocate for my patients who are unable to speak up for themselves.
Rachel Allan – Student Nurse


I will have the courage to go the extra mile to enable better patient experience.


I will treat people as the individual they are to try and ensure their experience in a sometimes stressful and unexpecting situation is less stressful and upsetting.
Dawn Morrell – Newly Qualified Nurse


I will always learn about the person and other life, love and letters.
Madeline Tuiloma – Newly Qualified Nurse


I will always try to see the beauty in people and in situations. Always to listen to patients wishes and support their decisions as well as I am able.


I will always try to give time. I will act with compassion and kindness and ensure I care for patients the way I would like to be cared for myself.
Willian Baldridge – Community Staff Nurse


I will take “what matters to me” into my new job, within critical care.
Sarah Lindman – Staff Nurse


I will always make each contact count and stand up for what I believe in.
Laura, Laura and Iona – Adult Nurses


I will spend more time with relatives at visiting time to uncover if they have any questions or concerns that I could help with.
Haylie Spark – Newly Qualified Staff Nurse


I will encourage all staff to spend that extra bit time with all patients everyday to make them feel valued and respected as a person not just a patient.
Emma Hay – Student Nurse about to qualify


I will try to introduce life story work into other wards dealing with long term conditions. Such as Huntington’s disease in the spirit of personhood.
Robert Herman – Staff Nurse


I will always tell people how great they are. Encourage people to focus on the positive aspects of the care they deliver, not the negatives. “what did you do that was good today?
Sophie Haywood – Almost a staff nurse


I will always try my best to find out what is most important to people and work with them to achieve their goals.
Grace Harris – Student Nurse


I will work at my best and always from now on ask “what matters most” and try and always help people in any way possible. Always going the extra mile.
Emma Ellis – Student Nurse


I will always ask my patients who matters most to you and how can I make a difference to them.
Lucy Dixon – Student Nurse


I will ensure I always make patients feel like an individual and that their thoughts and opinions matter to me and the team I am working within.
Karen Davies – Staff Nurse