Pledges from West Lothian College

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First of two sessions at West Lothian College. Follow them on twitter at @WestLoCollege

UK Lead, Tommy was invited back to West Lothian College for the first of two sessions to meet HNC Care and Administrative Practice and NAT 5 Health and Social Care Students.

Tommy has been to West Loithan on a few occasions in 2017 and earlier this year.  This time was a great opportunity to update on our Make a Difference Campaign and share key message from CNO for Scotland Fiona McQueen.

Special thanks to Linda Brown, Fiona Veitch, Marion Darling and colleagues for inviting us back to the College for another fantastic day with brilliant passionate students and staff committed to making a difference.

See some pledges made below.

Team DCV


I pledge to provide the best care for someone I am supporting.


I pledge to show more love and care to my patents and kids when I’m struggling.
Catherine McNeill – Student Health and Social Care Level 5


I pledge to always take the time to listen people’s life stories and to treat the person as an individual and not defined by their disease.
Leanne Gilchrist


My pledge is always to find out what is important to the person I’m caring for, especially those that are end of life.
Mary Main – Support Worker


I pledge to help and be kind to everyone no matter who it is, also be the best nurse I can be.
Kelsey Brown


My pledge is to always listen and try help people as much as I can, values people’s lives (always).
Michelle Harkess – Student Health and Social Care Level 5


I pledge to be kind to everyone I work with and to deliver the best care possible with dignity and respect.


I pledge to always treat people how I would like to be treated or how I would like my closet family to be treated.
Clare Brown – Support Worker/ Share Scotland


I pledge to always see the person not the condition.


I pledge to give the gift of time to everyone I encounter.


My pledge is to be more person centred, look at the whole person rather than the reason they are in my care. It only takes one question, to brighten someone’s sparkle.
Nikki McLaughlin – Support Worker


I pledge to put everything you have talked to us about today in my studies and promote it.


My pledge is to always ask people I love and care for what is important to them and do anything I can that would help them.


I pledge to be a nurse who always offers kindness and person-centred care.


I pledge to provide the best care for someone I am supporting.


I pledge to make sure to listen to all my residents and make sure I know what matters to them and make sure they have the best life they have left.


I pledge to just to help make peoples lives just a little bit better.
Lynda Wark – West Lothian College


My pledge is when working in health care to always see the person and not the illness. Find out what matters to them and make them feel valued.


My pledge is to work within the care and to make a difference to others.


I pledge to give others a voice.


I pledge to look outside the illness that had and to be kind and understanding to the person as a whole.