Plymouth University Dementia Masterclass Make LCAV Pledges

Type: Pledge

UK Lead Tommy invited to deliver a session in Plymouth. Read the inspiring pledges below.

Thanks to Julie, Tim, and Jan for inviting Tommy so speak at Plymouth University on 30 April as part of the University Masterclass series.

Julie, Tim and Jan are former Plymouth University Nursing students and in their own time with great commitment arrange 3 free masterclasses a year.

Tommy and Julie have been friends on twitter for around 4 years and this was a brilliant opportunity to finally meet in person.

Tommy shared our Make a Difference pledge campaign along with Leading Change Adding Value, A Framework (This link will take you away from our website) Nursing, Midwifery and Care staff and was joined for part of the session by Racheal Palmer and Dawn Jones who attended the launch of the LCAV e-learning tool with the 150 leaders programme sharing their experience of both with fellow students.

We are absolutely inspired by the commitment of Julie, Tim, Jane to give so much time back to the university and students and by the brilliant students who attended on the night.

Thank you for looking after Tommy with such kindness and care and for the LCAV Pledges below, thank you Plymouth for making a difference.

Team DCV


I will visit “moments café” Plymouth. Promote “dementia awareness week” and be the best dementia nurse I can be.
Toni Morris – 3rd Year Student Nurse (Mental Health)


I will never stop using my voice to push for change, always asking what and standing up for my beliefs in spite of what can be big obstacles.
Jay King – Student Adult Nurse


I will think about the language I use. Think about if a person behaviour is because they are scared and if so try to be a comfort. Ask are you okay. Use people’s names and their stories, not their diagnosis.
Holly – Mental Health Nursing Student


I will look after my patients how I would look after my beloved family members. I am human – nothing that is human is alien to me therefore I will always treat another how I wish to be treated with respect and kindness.
Ania – Mental Health Nursing Student


I will be a more pro-active student nurse and lead change.
Zoe Lasseter – Student Nurse (Adult)


I will be the best I can be even when my own life is challenging. Always smile and be friendly.
Sarah Rochester – Student Nurse


I will be the best helper, listener, carer I can be every day. I will encourage others to do the same. I will enable both patients and colleagues to be their best.
Donna Burns – Sponsored Student Year 2


I will try every day to support patients and their families in a manner that promotes dignity and independence. I will uphold the NMC guidelines and safeguard adults, children and elderly individuals.  Mia Luca Mason – Student Nurse


I will be more aware of unwanted variations and endeavour for the patient to turn that around. I will listen and be there for them in whatever sense they need me
Lisa Veale – Student Nurse Year 2 Adult


I will find out what matters to the people I care for. Find out their story and reflect on the understanding and its importance of doing this.
Sally-Ann Morgan – Student Adult Nurse Year 2


I will find out what matters to the patients I care for.
Becky Wright – Nursing Student


I will be a patients advocate, have my patients experiences at the heart of my care. Stop you: The confidence to stand up to more senior staff.

I will lead by example and advocate for my patients. I will stand up for them and corrective coach others caring for them.


I will shout from the rooftop that people with mental/health difficulties are people.
Toby Dawn – Student Mental Health Nurse


I will involve myself more in local community and ensure that I can make a difference to many people’s lives. I will focus myself into my studies and also in my part-time work.
Lesley Brodie – Student Nurse


I will develop dementia awareness. Make sure people with dementia are understood and feel loved and cared for.
Georgia Owen – Student Mental Health Nurse


I will become the best nurse I can be, treat patients the way they deserve to be treated.
Rebecca Corry – Student Nurse


I will get the publics attention to educate and promote dementia.
Lai Wong – Student Nurse


I will open on social enterprise called “creative companion” which will work with elderly and dementia service users to offer nursing, creativity and companionship with patient and them that care within community settings.
Sarah Chain – Student Nurse


I will make more of an effort to understand and learn about dementia and other mental health conditions. Bethanie Wheldon – Adult Nursing Services


I will carry with me what I gave learnt about caring for patients with dementia through my career and educate staff I meet on how to improve care for dementia patients.
Jessamine Webster – 2 Year Student Nurse


I will always advocate for my patient and will determine to create a positive impact in the lives of those I will meet during and after my career.


I will be best I can and to my ability, ensuring I make people smile and ensure their care is the best. Stacey Solomon – Student Nurse


I will love, learn, listen and act on individuals needs in practice; providing support and care for those whom I am caring for.
Zoe Woodrow – Student Nurse


I will ask patients what matters to them and remember Joan`s story.
Jeri Coombes – Student Nurse


I will be more. I will really listen to what peoples words mean and listen to the stories they tell, find out what matters to them.


I will lead by example. I will always take the extra 5 minute to get to know my patients and colleagues so we care for our patients and each other.
Timothy Murray – Senior Charge Nurse


I will listen to what matters to the patients.
Rebecca Seabrook – Student Nurse


I will ensure I treat every patient in my care as an individual, ask them what is important to them.
Amy Potter – Student Nurse


I will ask each one of my patients what is important to them and discuss how we will meet these expectations.
Bethany Charlotte Whittes – Student Nurse


I will always find out what my patients want/feel and need in their lives to enable them have the experience they want/need.
Linda Quinn – Student Adult Nurse


I will no matter how I feel when I start work, I will have a smile and warmth for everyone.
Sarah Davies – Student Nurse


I will take the time to talk to patients, especially those with dementia, to try and make them comfortable and become an advocate for them. Promoting patient autonomy and to bring a smile to their day.
Jami Webster – 3rd Year Student Nurse


I will start my career on a dementia ward as a newly qualified nurse. I will use my knowledge and skills to support my patients and make their life better so they can have a quality of life with the last minute of their life.