RCN Bedford, Herefordshire and Milton Keynes Members Add Pledges

Type: Pledge

RCN Bedford, Herefordshire and Milton Keynes members hear from Dementia Carer Voices and add their own pledges.

Many thanks to Carla Lewinton, Jenna Williams, Sinead Cassidy and Christina Sohheh from RCN Bedford, Herefordshire and Milton Keynes Branches for inviting Tommy to speak at branch meetings being held in Bedford and Milton Keynes on 13 October.

Carla and Christina heard Tommy speak at the RCN Congress in Glasgow and kindly invited Tommy to speak at the branch meetings.

Great team work by both branches allowed and supported Tommy to visit both on the same day, Bedford in the morning and Milton Keynes mid afternoon.

Thanks to all on the day for the opportunity, kindness and pledges below.


My pledge is to continue to support, care and be a good listener to my patients in exploring what matters to them, rather than what I think will help.
Rachael Bello – Psychiatric Liaison Practitioner


My pledge is to listen to more and ask more questions that are linked with the patient and understand their needs more.
Sarah Giddings – Support Worker – Older People’s Mental Health Team


I pledge to listen and promote the person as they would wish to maintain their story, love, dignity and happiness.


I pledge to find out what matters. To always use the patient’s name.
Wayne Pavey – Forensic Custody Nurse – Thames Valley Police


I pledge to listen and care for each person individually, always keeping in mind what matters and who matters.
Rachel Nichols – Clinical Nurse


My pledge is to treat people in my care area as human beings and practice a holistic approach.
Nyarai M Makona – Student Nurse


I pledge to be a listener to my patients, friends and family and by doing so will identify what matters to them.
Michael Oyeleye – Staff Nurse


I pledge to continue to listen to my patients and spend extra time even if it is only 10 minutes more.
Efa Akinjise-Ferdinand – Nurse


My pledge is to always ask what matters to you. Never to use the word challenging.
Anita Olson – Dementia Specialist Nurse


I pledge to always ask what matters to a person with dementia and their carers/family.
Clare Warren – Dementia Nurse Specialist


I pledge to talk, ask and listen to both my patient and their carer.
Carla Lewinton – Clinical Practitioner Nurse


I pledge to use the ‘What Matters to You’ question as part of my patient assessment.
Anna Palutikof – Community Matron