Returning to Preston and Pledges

Type: Pledge

28 March saw Tommy return to Lancashire to speak at their conference, share our work and the LCAV Framework

Big thanks to a great friend Sarah Cullen, Deputy Nursing, Midwifery and AHP Director  at Lancashire Teaching Hospital for inviting Tommy back to speak at their Care Support Team Conference.

We have had the great honour to visit the trust before, receiving wonderful pledges along with always great kindness and care.

Tommy was invited to share our Make a Difference Campaign along with Leading Change, Adding Value, A Framework (This link will take you away from our website) for Nursing, Midwifery and Care Staff.  Tommy was filmed at the hospital late last year by NHS England speaking about the framework.

Thank you to Sarah and all the team for another brilliant day of kindness, care, making a difference and the pledges below.


I will do my best to make a hospital stay as comfortable and calm as possible for those who suffer from dementia and ask what matters to them.


I will always remember everyone has their own story, and their story matters.


I will try help more people with dementia.
Carol Calderband – Theatre Support Worker


I will take time to listen to people and have compassion and to be more caring.
Wendy Mayor – Theatre Receptionist


I will always look after people.


I will make sure we have information for cares, families and people living with dementia.


I will have patience to see the person not the illness.

I will promise to be kinder to everyone.


I will try and spend more time with vulnerable patients, to find out more about them especially dementia/learning difficulties.
N.Richmond – HCA


I will make the patients safe and happy to be in hospital.  Tell them I am here to help anyways I can help.


I will always ask what matters to you? Try and spend extra time with patients even if its only 10mins.


I will find out what is meaningful to our patients and incorporate these into therapy programmes to make them feel special and celebrate them.


I will be more positive about my job role.  Health care assistants are a valued part of the NHS, that are needed.


I will make sure that all patients I see, that I will ask if there is anything I could help with or even just smile more at people it may help someone having a bad day.


I will make sure that I don’t refer to people as him/her with dementia and only use their name.
Abigail Mullen – HCA


I will use the What Matter Boards more and get to know the patient more (who has dementia).
Bethany Flattery – Ward Clark


I will do what I can where I can.


I will look after my colleagues so that they can look after others to the best of their ability.


I will take more time to stop and listen to my patients.
Nadine Charnley – HCA