Returning to West Lothian College

Type: Pledge

Dementia Carer Voices were back at the college for another You Can Make A Difference session.

Tommy and Laura return to West Lothian College for the second session of 2018 on 20 September, with Access to Nursing and Health and Social Care Students.

The pledges from the first day are live on our website.

Thank you to Marion Darling for looking after Tommy and Laura on the day for another two fantastic sessions.  For those that missed it and hearing about the ALLIANCE work you can read more about the projects on our website.

We look forward to hear about how the students are getting on to fulfil their pledge.  Take some time and read them below.

Team DCV.


I pledge to always remain focused on what really matters. To enjoy the time I have with others.
Toni Mane Mollon – Clinical Support Worker


I pledge to always remember why I started doing this.
Phoebe Spensky


I pledge to ask the person what matters to them.
Michelle Codrery – Carer/Student


I pledge to ask the person “what matters to you”
Laura Flannigan – Carer/Student


My pledge is to make sure everyone I will being caring for get the best of care they deserve. Individual what matter to them and work best to ensure what matters to them.
Queen Osaigbono – Support Worker


I pledge to ask them “what matters to you?”
Chloe Geddes – Student


My pledge is to find out what makes the person I am caring for a lovely human, likes, dislikes and help or remind them by playing fare music or bring food they like.
Aleena McMonaigle – Student Nurse


My pledge is to care for my patient as though they are my child, mother, father and grandparent, sister and brother.
Yatta Robinson – West Lothian College


I`m going to spend more time listening to people and what makes them happy.
Katie Laird


I pledge that when I am part of care work that I will ask people what matters to them and make sure that I can help support them.
Natalie Kean – West Lothian College


I pledge to try my hardest always, to be mindful of others feelings, wants, needs and to try to improve others lives with kindness.
Patrice Bowler – Access to Nursing


I pledge that I will help everyone the way I help my son with autism.
Natalie McIntyre


My pledge is to be more mindful of what is important to others and always find out what matters to others.
Adelle Chalmers – Student


My pledge is to listen more, to make more time for the people I care about and to live life to the full.
Claire Molloy – Access to Nursing


I pledge to keep happy and take day by day.
Loren McLellan


I pledge to ensure that I give a quality of care and to ensure that I keep service user safe but also happy and smile when I have the opportunity to what I’ve passed college.
Lucy McLean – Care Home (Future), Student (Present)


I pledge that my care practice will be forever person centred and take them to who they were and now are. I pledge to do the same today and the same tomorrow.


I pledge to visit my gran and granddad and try my hardest to become a midwife.


I pledge to make more of an effort to pop up and see my nan.


I pledge to care for patients and treat them the way I would like (respect, dignity and compassion). To make more effort with family.
Sophie Gibb


I pledge to ask people what is important to them.


My pledge is to make sure I focus on myself and make sure my family knows I am always there.


I pledge to always talk to, listen to everyone in my personal and professional life, especially my daughter.
Vikki Haxton – Student, West Lothian College


My pledge is to ask more questions and listen to everyone’s story.
Rachel Tweedie – West Lothian College


I pledge to phone my gran more often because I don’t see her a lot as she’s in Dublin.
Cara Collins-Thomson


My pledge is to listen, listen to what is important to others, to give them my time to make them realise that they matter.


I`d like to ask more people “what matters to you” and also go visit my nana and papa more and spend time with them.


I pledge to be a better husband.
Chris Wilson


I pledge to take time to be a better friend, and to do my best to help try and make a person’s life easier and their day a bit easier.


I pledge to make more time to spend with my Sister.


I aim to be thankful for everything good in my life.


I pledge to help people who need help and make sure people are ok, support people and make sure I know what matters.
Rebecca Millar


My pledge is to help people through hard times allow them to feel special and an amazing individual, give them all my time and attention when fully needed.
Shantelle Dougal – Prep Health and Social Care Student


My pledge is to help people that need help and to make a conversation and to show them that I care.
Felicity Gold – Prep Health and Social Care Student


My pledge is always to listen to people. Never assume that something “normal” to me is “normal” for someone else.


My pledge is to always care and be kind.
Sasha Dunn – Warehouse operative/West Lothian College Access to Nursing.


My pledge is to be kind to everyone always.


I pledge to spend more time with my family, friends and boyfriend.


I pledge to make more time for my mum.
Samantha Barrett


My pledge is to spend more time with the rest of my family. My gran had dementia and passed away last week, she was the glue in our family. So, I make it my pledge to be that glue my family needs now.
Lauren Hunter


I pledge to care and protect like my own.
Victoria Paterson – Informal Carer


My pledge is to always try and think about and take time to listen really listen to others.


I pledge to smile and make others smile at least once a day.


I`m going to see my mum more often as she is disabled and can’t get out. Ill take her to her sisters any time she wants.


My pledge is to be more confident and prepared to help people who lose her past life and need to start again.


I pledge to work as a team, time to listen to what they want as individuals, giving good quality care.


My pledge is to be more mindful of people’s feelings be a kinder human. Also, to be there for my mum more who is ill.


I will care and listen to people who I care for in the future.