Royal Bolton Hospital Study Day Delegates Pledge

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Tommy speaks at Bolton Foundation NHS Trust Conference on 26 April 2018.

Big thanks to Clare Williams, Assistant Divisional Nurse Director, Bridget Lees (Dnd), Trish Armstrong Childs (DON), Marie Foreshaw (DD) Vicky Welby (ADND), Louise Coulsan (GL), Laura Thompson, Bev and colleagues at Bolton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for inviting Tommy to speak at their Patient Experience Study Day.

We were proud to share a platform with Chris Pointon sharing the wonderful #hellomynameis Campaign (This link will take you away from our website) founded with his partner the late Dr Kate Grainger MBE.

We were honoured to share our Make a Difference Campaign, Along with Leading Change, Adding Value A Framework (This link will take you away from our website) for Nursing, Midwifery and Care Staff.

We had a wonderful day with all the delegates and look forward to returning one day soon and are excited to follow the work, pledges and soon to be #lead2add launched pledge trees.

A few delegates shared pledges with Tommy on the day.  We will add more images and pledge tree stories once launched

Thank you for a brilliant day and kind pledges below.

Team DCV 🙂

I will treat each person as an individual and not as their illness. I will inform my colleagues of what I have learnt today.
Rebecca Gardner – Royal Bolton Hospital


I will make sure that every patient and their relative/friend/carer that I meet I care for in A&E will be treated as an individual and with dignity, care, love and respect at all times.
Katie Sutcliffe – Staff Nurse A&E


I will always see the person in front of me along with their family, learn who they are and what matters to them along their journey. Provide true individualised care, provide the ethos both in and out of work.
Jay Blackshaw – Staff Nurse A&E


I will ensure i take more time to make sure i can make patients with dementia feel safe and clam them down in an environment that will be scary and new to them – A&E.
Kirsty Mariner – Staff Nurse


I will provide support and guidance to the words within the trust as the enhanced care lead encouraging the introduction of remedial activities and stimulation to the patients within our care.


I will find out what matters the most to each person I have the pleasure of supporting, within my role. I will listen to their story and deliver compassionate care which reflects what matters and who matters to that person.
Kathryn Mahoney – Occupational Therapist


I will try my best to be that one, kind person that someone remembers….
Maria Fletcher – Service Therapy Assistant


I will show by example, ensure patients are called by preferred name, take time to find out about patient’s feelings.
Juliet Atcha – Ward Manager


I will lead my team to see the person, not the patient. Sharing stories with staff, questioning their practice by asking if the person in the bed was your relative, would you? how would you feel? Etc.


I will always be my kind, caring self and I will encourage other to do the same. I always have a smile on my face a listening ear and a Hayley hug in my arms ready for whoever needs it.
Hayley Mason – Therapy Assistant/Distraction Therapist


I will hopefully help shape the future of nursing as a nursing associate, introducing a new level of knowledge and experience which can benefit patient-centred care.
Claire Wright – Trainee Nursing Associate


I will stand up for the person who needs a caring tough, caring voice and caring smile. I will be there for them, to enable their experience to be something they will remember.
Tracy Stewart – Trainee Nursing Associate


I will pledge to continue to promote education and invest in other staff’s development. Feel privileged to care for the patients.
Beatrice Fox – Nurse


I will pledge to ask for support/help sooner in order to maintain self perseveration which in turn will enhance patient experience.
Wendy Morrison – DVT Specialist Nurse


I will ensure that any treatment goals are jointly formed with my patients, to ensure their wishes/aspirations are recognised.
Jon Congdon – Physio Therapist


I will put all have learnt in practice and also having compassion for our patients, making them feeling they have a life to live to the fullest and respecting their privacy and dignity.
Oyekunbi Omotayo – Student Nurse


I will take time out every day to see through the eyes of the patient and remember it’s the little things that make the difference. I`m going to feedback to my department to spread the word.
Suzanne Blankenship – Clinical Services Lead Pharmacist


I will ask my patients what they want to do in therapy. Encourage continence when mobilising #get up to get going, get active and make the last 1000 days personal to the patient.
Laura Ellis – Physiotherapist


I will continue to be kind and endeavour to challenge unkind behaviour at all times.


I will make sure I contribute to each patients love story and see each person for the individual they are.  Kimberley Kelly – Trainee Nursing Associate


Safeguarding :-

We will ensure that staff are given the training and knowledge to make safeguarding personal for the people we care for.“ Give The Patient Choices. “
To promote safeguarding across the trust by appointing champions, therefore knowing we have a better chance at safeguarding vulnerable people.
As a team we ensure that the general public are aware that we exist as a team so that they are reassured.
To embed the voice of the child across all services.


I pledge to ensure that all the positive patient experience work picked up at BoSCA is shared across the organisation.
L. Denman


I pledge to support all areas to provide the level of care and quality that I expect for myself and my family.
Claire McPeake


My pledge is to provide staff who are compassionate, dedicated and perform at the best of their abilities, to provide and deliver best patient – centred care. To achieve this I will promise to maintain appraisals, training and retention of staff.
Susan Dooley Ward Manager B3


I pledge to support the division to achieve a reduction in falls with harm to 5.3% and under in the current financial year.
Falls Co-ordinator


Everyone deserves to enjoy these lives regardless of the present situations. As a nurse I look forward to providing a Patient Centred Care. There is usually a little more we can do to put a smile on people’s faces J.  Lola Odeelina


I pledge to always be professional and supportive to patients and staff.
Harriet  Student Nurse.


I pledge to promote motivation.


I pledge to improve the divisions understanding of its finances, in order that resources are maximised in order to provide the best possible patient care.
James Coleman


We are pledging to create a therapeutic environment to help prevent the deconditioning of our patients. Tracey Eastwood C1.
“ Sunshine Room “  on C1


To provide leadership to ensure patient experience is through all the divisions plans. #Patientexperience


Continue to ensure prompt flow through CCU to ensure patients are in the correct area promptly.


I will continue to remain focused on providing the best possible service for our patients, recognising the need for patient flow to ensure the patients journey is effective and prompt.


I pledge to nurture all staff and students to allow and provide them with the skills and tools to provide outstanding patient care. I promise that every shift I will say “ hello my name is……..” and give patients the time to voice their opinions about their care.
Emma Midgley C1


Continue to listen to patients needs and concerns and act on them where necessary. To always remember that all of us maybe ‘patients’ one day and would like to be treated with the same dignity and respect.


I pledge to formulate therapy goals together with the patient.
Jon – Physio.


My pledge to enhance patient care and to empower the nursing team to provide holistic care and ensure high standards are maintained on a daily basis.


I pledge to encourage positive thoughts and happy smiles 🙂
Ward C4.


I will listen to any concerns patients may have whilst being on CCU and act promptly to alleviate any concerns or anxieties.


I pledge to always share patients feedback both positive and negative.


I will promote privacy and dignity towards patients and relatives.


To help patients with washing and dressing activities. We pledge to ensure we treat patients with dignity and respect.


I pledge to treat all patients with care and high standards of attention within a holistic approach.  Samantha Blinston C4


I pledge to make therapy more fun 🙂


Ensure patients & Families are kept up to date & communicate in a friendly manner.
A.Baydale C2


I promise to treat patients with the respect and dignity that is deserved. To treat patients as individuals and to ensure that their health, safety and wellbeing are my priority and that the patient is aware of this.
Rachel Fenton C1 Ward


I pledge to make patients central to their care – What matters to you rather than what’s the matter with you.
Emma Donaldson Consultant


To provide support for clinicians at coroner’s inquests. To provide assistance to coroner by providing statements from clinicians in a timely manner, and information.
Lynne Southern Legal services Assistant


My pledge is to ensure we provide Patient Centred Care and ensure all patients are treated in a manner that I would expect a member of my family to experience.  Part of my role as Matron is supporting staff and helping them to grow. To help staff be the best they can.
T  Garde Matron


To be available for patients and their relatives.


I pledge to help to improve mouth care for patients on H3.
J Burne Stoke Co-Ordinator


I pledge to ensure all staff are educated around privacy and dignity and maintain this at all times.
Cheryl Stott Ward Manager A4


I pledge to always put our patients first on H3 / Trust.
Jan Robinson Ward Clerk


I pledge to challenge poor attitudes of staff to make the workplace happier so that patients can feel at ease.


My role involves Patient experience within litigation and coroners inquests. My role aids patients and other organisations understand how our legal services operate aiding them to get the correct answers to any problems they may have.
Sue Legal Services Assistant


To provide support to staff attending coroners inquests to make it a positive experience.
Leah Simmonds Legal Services Officer


To engage with Patient’s, their families or carers so that we can better deliver the outcome they seek.
Maria Mordount Patient Experience and Complaints Co-Ordinator


To increase PALS visability so more patients know what PALS are and how we can listen and help shape our hospital.
Thasteam Shahzad Patient Experience Officer


I pledge to…..Always listen to patients and families and what is important to them and aim to perform them consistently for every individual, every time.
Nashaba Ellahi (ADON)


I pledge to ensure learning from complaints is shared trust wide so we can all learn from patient experiences.
Lynn Salmon


My values to the Patients are making sure everything is ordered regularly so we never run out and to make sure they are never hungry or thirsty by offering them food & drink through the day. Also smiling and laughing with them, it only takes 5 minutes to chat to put a smile on their face xxx.


I will ensure that there is clear governance and monitoring of urgent care plan corporately to ensure patients do not spend time away from home. I will share learning from experienced based design projects to promote patient driven design.


I pledge to improve patient care and engage our patients in our daily activities. Treat patients with dignity and respect.


Attitude and behaviour of staff to patients. Activity room, also maybe tea and coffee machine for patients or water fountains.


Ensure patient Health Records are readily available for Doctors and Consultants to review. Records are kept up to date and filed correctly for ease of access.


I perform nuclear medicine scans which aid in arriving at the diagnosis and Consultants can then decide how they want to manage the patients. My role has a big impact on how patients benefit from being given good simple explanations of what they are about to undergo, feel safe and have confidence in the service provided. I treat them with respect and compassion.
Connie Seddon Specialist Nuclear Medicine Radiographer


I pledge to help the patient to have a happier stay whilst they are in hospital here on C4 ward.


I pledge to close the loop on learning from complaints, Divisional review & serious incidents.
Lesley Laird


I pledge to always bring Professionalism, Fun and Support to patients but also my colleagues who are my friends.


I pledge to empower all grades of staff to challenge poor attitudes and behaviours to promote excellent values.
Katherine Haralambous Matron


Patients should be treated the same way we want to be treated.


I pledge to always smile regardless of my situation.
Suzanne McDowall STN


I will greet my patients with a positive attitude and friendly face to help instil confidence. I will endeavour to ensure both my patients and their relatives are kept up to date and communicate regularly with them. A. Holme


I promise to maintain patient safety at all times. Always respect their dignity and privacy. To always treat patients with respect and consideration.
C. Briscoe C1


I pledge to always give 100% in my attitude behaviour and appearance at work to ensure a positive atmosphere to the patients. Give patients more interaction and dignity at all times, patient values matter, to be more supportive to them and my work colleagues.
J  S Hurst