Sheffield University Nursing Students Making Pledges

Type: Pledge

UK Lead, Tommy, visits Sheffield University to speak to 3rd Year Nursing Students.

Thanks to Mandy Brailsford, Principal Lecturer Advancing Practice , Associate Dean and Gary Souter, Senior Lecturer in Mental Health at Sheffield Hallam University for kindly inviting Tommy to speak with Nursing Students on their final day at the University.

We were so proud to be invited to share our Make a Difference Campaign and The Leading Change Adding Value a Framework for Nursing Midwifery and Care Staff (This link will take you away from our website) on such a special day.

We wish you all the best on your nursing careers.  Thank you for the kindness and care.

A few students shared pledges with Tommy on the day

Team DCV 🙂


I will ask each patient what matters to them.
Chloe Pike – Newly Qualified Nurse


I will ensure everyone has to best experience and outcomes with their care.  Ensuring all individuals are treated with respect, and ensuring their care is person centred.


I will treat every patient as an individual through the use of effective patient centred care.  Patients deserve the upmost respect and dignity at all times.
Hannah Charville – Newly Qualified Adult Nurse


I will treat each day as a new day with a positive attitude.  I will treat everyone with respect and equally.  I will empower my patients and treat them as individuals.
Chloe Kitchen – Child Nurse


I will continue to encourage children to believe in themselves and continue with their treatment.  To work with families, acknowledging when families need support and sometimes a “friend to talk to”.
Cara Ravenscroft – Child Nurse


I will always ensure I introduce myself using the hello my name is campaign.  I will ensure I find out what matters most to my patients and ensure we can do the best to adhere to this.
Abby Beard – Adult Nurse


I will ensure on every single shift that I take the time to get to know the patient as an individual and what matters to them. Doing what I can to make their hospital experience positive and personal.
Charlotte Carter – Adult Nurse


I will make time to sit with patients, carers and families to ask what is important to them and practice in a way which incorporates their values, needs and preference.


I will always make sure that communication is tailored to an individual, taking into consideration who they are, where they come from and what their needs are.  They will always be the person to me, never just their condition.   I will listen to all involved with a person and work with them to provide care to a person.  I will help raise awareness.  I will be mindful of what matters to a person.
Kerry Roper – Adult Nurse


I will carefully choose appropriate language when talking to staff members about patients who have dementia.  Challenging/aggressive? why? – Scared, alone/embarrassed/isolated and promote dignity at all times. I pledge to share my “patient/family” centred approach so every patient/encounter feels understanded and valued.
Kelly Robinson – Student/Newly Qualified Nurse


I will always smile and ask how people are and what matters.
Molly Crooks – Staff Nurse


I will always practice with care and compassion to all patients, cares and relatives.  Act as an advocate to improve patient care and outcomes.  Be kind.