Stirling University Pledges for December 2018

Type: Pledge

Dementia Carer Voices were delighted to be asked to return to the university and join the first year students.

Tommy was asked to come along to the first year students preparation for practice day and deliver a Make a Difference Session.

Sharing the work of Dementia Carer Voices, The ALLIANCE and key message from Chief Nursing Officer for Scotland, Fiona McQueen.

Big thanks to Agnieszka Burns, Module Coordinator for the first year students for arranging and inviting Tommy to such a key day in the curriculum.

Take some time to read the inspirational pledges below.


I pledge to provide excellent care/love.

I pledge to always see the person and not the condition and to find out what matters to them. I will be there to support them as very best as I can.
Lisa McCall


I pledge to make a patients/client life better when they suffer from a particular condition. Patient is at the centre of care and should always be central.
Daniel Cairney – Student Nurse


My pledge is to try remember the beautiful stories behind the person, and treat them with the upmost respect, love and kindness.

I pledge to strive to make a difference to everyone I meet.
Neil – Student Nurse


I pledge to give 100% of myself to everyone I care for or have a relationship with, no matter how hard or upsetting that may be. Others deserve the very best I can offer every minute of every day.
Chris Anderson – Student Nurse


I pledge to listen to what matters and take action.


I pledge to ask my patients what matters to them.


I pledge to see the person for who they are and not their illness. To try and make a difference.


I pledge to always be the best person and nurse I can be. Look and speak to other people as the person they are and the life’s they have lived and never see them as a disease to be cured.
Nicola Philips – Student Nurse


To go the extra mile for patients and their families.


I pledge to positively impact on others lives.


My pledge is to make a difference.


I pledge to make sure I have done all I could or told patients what’s happening before I left. To ensure they are left knowing what’s happening or not unsure or scared.


I pledge to listen, care and give people the dignity they deserve, remembering we are all the same.


I pledge to care for those who require life-changing support and also include the family, friends and people included in their care.


I pledge to put a smile on my patients faces.


I pledge to listen and care for people with my heart putting what matter to them as my priority.


I will see my clients as an individual, care for them, cherish them.


My pledge is to give my all, for the people who need me and promote the well-being of the less able and the vulnerable.


I pledge to push for care in the setting the person wishes for. Whether that be making the acute setting more homely with photos etc. Or getting people home with support in place do they can love not just survive.
Helen McKinky – NHS Forth Valley Auxiliary Nurse


I pledge to always see the person in the patient.


I pledge to deliver the best care possible and all patients are fully aware of their care and treated as an individual.
Heather Barbour – Student Nurse


I pledge to make sure I always listen to each individual and make their experience calm, safe – to make their voice heard.


I pledge to respect all my patients and see them for who they are and what matters to them.


I pledge no matter a person’s condition. I will take time to know the life and person they were before they arrived in the care setting.


I pledge to remember that my client’s stories are not over yet. That they are still living their lives.


I pledge to always ask what matters to you.


I pledge what matters to people, ask at all times.


I pledge to do the best and consider what matters.


I pledge to do good all the time.


My pledge is to always ask the residents I look after “what matters to them”.


My pledge is to always make sure I ask anyone in my care what matters to them and who matters to them. So that I can build a strong relationship.


I pledge too care and support every patient through my journey as an adult nurse.


I pledge to care and support every patient as best as I can.
Kathryn Browne – Student Nurse


I pledge to start our own café for individuals who suffer from dementia. Also, for carers to come and share.


I pledge to make sure I gain my degree, so I can be the best nurse possible and make a difference in everyone I come into contact with.


I pledge to do my best to make others lives easier and hopefully better. To be understanding and not judgemental.


I pledge to listen and support anyone, especially people within my care.


I pledge to care for patients whole-heartedly – but also respect and support the carers and families that go with the patient because both are equally as important as each other.


I pledge to be a champion for all patients throughout my full career. Treating every patient as an individual and not their illness.