The Dudley Group NHS Trust Pledge to Make a Difference

Type: Pledge
Tommy and Dudley Group

Tommy visits The Dudley Group NHS Trust on 7 July. Looking forward to returning to see how people are getting on fulfilling their pledges.

Big thanks to Paul Bytheway – Chief Operating Officer and Mandy Aworinde – Clinical Lead for Mental Health at the Dudley Group NHS Trust @DudleyGroupNHS (This link will take you away from our website) for inviting Tommy to give two talks and meet everyone on 7 July 2017.

Paul and Tommy met at an event earlier this year where Paul pledged to invite Tommy to the trust and that pledge was fulfilled.

Special thanks to Mandy, Nicola, Lauryn and all the team for looking after Tommy with such kindness.

It’s was another wonderful day with people so passionate about caring as you will see by the wonderful pledges from the day below.

We look forward to returning meeting more people, launching some pledge trees and working together to make a difference.

Thank you from all The DCV Team for a wonderful day full of kindness, care and for the inspiring pledges below.


I pledge to always ask what can I do to help you today. Always smile.


My pledge is to carry on caring, giving time to others, to support not just the person but everyone family, friends that I already to.
Dawn Saunders – NHS Patient Wellbeing Worker


My pledge is to continue to care for my patients with dementia or not to carry on doing my job, as well as I possibly can today and for the rest of my life and to raise as much awareness on dementia as possible.
Donna Jones – Patient Wellbeing Worker


I pledge to look for the person behind the illness and to find out what matters to them.
Robyn Misters – CSW Russell’s Hall


I pledge to ease the loneliness.
Victoria Newman – Clinical Support Worker


I pledge to try to help a carer on the end of a phone to feel more supported.
Karen Meacham – Community Care Supervisor


I pledge to see the real person and the love story.
Cheryl Robbins – Adult Social Care


I pledge to always ask what matters to the people I support (those with a learning disability and their carers).
Jaqui Howells – Learning Disability Liaison Nurse


I pledge to find out about peoples love stories and to help them remember them.
Pam Smith – Deputy Chief Nurse


I will remember that eve a short conversation can have an effect on someone’s life.
Emily Hemming – Assistant Psychologist


I will never stop caring “ever”.
Jennifer Bree – Assistant Chief Nurse


I pledge to spend more time listening to my patient and once I’m done helping to spend more time with them to just listen to them and be somebody to support them.
Luke Kerrawn – ACCT


I pledge to always be kind, always care and always listen.
Karen Hanson – Wellbeing Worker


I pledge to be more like you Tommy.
Lyn Faulks – Ward Clerk


My pledge is to always be caring and friendly. I will ask, listen and do.
Cat Whorton – Lead Nurse


I pledge to raise awareness that an early diagnosis of dementia is beneficial to both patient and carers.
Richard Gee – GP Engagement Lead


I pledge to continue to support families living with a loved one with dementia at home. Raise awareness and early diagnosis.
Julia Halpin – Dementia Specialist Nurse


I pledge as a student studying a degree in mental health nursing, continue to research and get an understanding in dementia.
Susan Adams – Stafford University


I pledge for carers to never feel alone or frightened.
Edwina Gauld – Team Lead


I pledge to continue to learn and add to my knowledge about dementia from patients and their families.
Simon Ticker – Patient Wellbeing Worker


I pledge to make as much difference to as many people I meet where possible.
Mandy Jackson – NHS Acute Confusion Care Team


I pledge to thank the carers who looked after my Granny Joan in her last 1000 days.
Rachel Hubball – The Dudley Group


I pledge to always look forward to seeing dad.
Nick Parry – Biomed Scientist


I pledge to always remain open and warm and never forget the importance of understanding and caring.


I pledge to encourage others to walk in someone else’s shoes. To continue to encourage “not using poor technology and see the person not just the dementia”.
Gillian Davies – Admin/Support Worker


I pledge to strive to spend that little bit of extra time with each patient and family member.
Victoria Meaden – Sister RHH


I pledge to take time to listen.
Carole Freeman – DGOH CSW


I promise to find time for my patients and make it a priority to understand what is important to them.
Lewis Tyson – Student Nurse


I will remember person as a name who they are not for the dementia.
Shariila Bi – HAT Social Worker


I pledge to be a kind, understanding ear. Always smile and listen. To listen, hear and understand who and what matters. To listen to their story and promote this amongst colleague’s ad community.
Mel Humphreys – Sister/Shift Lead


I pledge to remember to ask who they are and who matters to them.
Lyn Sheldon – Care Co-Ordinator


I pledge to never walk past.
Karen Lewis


My pledge is to look past the dementia. Treat patients as humans as well as families.
Ruth Panesar – Student Nurses


I pledge to help provide individualised care for people with dementia and those important to them, at end of life.
Sadie Tighe – Palliative Care


I pledge to remember the person behind the disease.