Tullamore, Ireland – Making a Difference

Type: Pledge

Tommy took a trip to Ireland on 30 August for a Make a Difference session.

Big thanks to Mary Doolan, Project Officer Nursing & Midwifery Planning and Development, Margaret Casey, Director, (NMPDU), Claire Griffin, Interim Director (RCNME), Nicola Fay, Librarian and Colleagues for inviting Tommy to speak at the Lecture Theatre, Midland Regional Hospital, Tullamore, Ireland.

Tommy shared our Make a Difference Campaign and work with CNO Scotland Professor Fiona McQueen and CNO England Professor Jane Cummings.

Mary heard Tommy speak at a conference a few years back and pledged to bring Tommy to Ireland to share our work.

It was also great to catch up with a friend of our project Deirdre Lang, National Clinical Lead for Older People who kindly shares Tommy’s films at teaching events.

Thank you Mary for fulfilling that pledge, for a wonderful day and inspirational pledges below.

We hope to visit again one day soon.

Team DCV


I pledge to remember decisions are with people not about people.


I pledge to listen and spend time with people in every situation.


I pledge to use my new role to deliver the best care for older people across Ireland.


I pledge to appreciate my ability to help others. Every encounter matters. Its not just about patients, its about all people working together and I pledge to consider other perspectives.


I`m going to make sure my Granny has her hair curled and her nailed painted in that pearly polish pink colour she loves. Thank you, Tommy, so much for today. You made a difference for me, my sister and my mum today.


I pledge to spend more time with families, listen more.


Not a patient, not a resident, not a diagnosis but a person.


My pledge is to find out more about the person behind the diagnosis.


I pledge to reflect on language – the person is important.


I pledge to always find out what matters/who matters etc.


My pledge is to remind myself every day that I am doing a good job because I do care about what I do, and I do make a difference.


I will ask “what matters”


I pledge to approach everyone in a non-judgemental way.


My pledge is to stop looking so much at policy and what should be done and start looking more closely at the person – My Dad.


My pledge is to make a difference and ask my staff what matters to them.


Joan was privileged to have you a devoted some to care for her so brilliantly.


My pledge is to look at my way of trying to keep people at home instead of promoting long term care (who is it easier for?)


I pledge to do my best to listen, understand any person with dementia and the person who helps them daily.