University Hospital Aintree Pledges

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Wonderful day back at Aintree Hospital for our UK Lead, Tommy.

Massive thanks to Dr Lucinda Baldwin, DME/Frailty Consultant for inviting Tommy to speak with colleagues at University Hospital, Aintree, on 5 September.

Tommy and Lucinda met at the Acute Frailty Conference in London a couple of months back and Lucinda was keen for Tommy to visit and speak with colleagues.

We had the great honour to speak at the Hospital Nursing Strategy Launch earlier this year and we had another brilliant day meeting more remarkable people, who make a difference every day.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our Make a Difference Campaign, Leading Change, Adding Value, A Framework (This link will take you away from our website) for Nursing, Midwifery and Care staff and the e-learning tool.

Thanks also to Lisa Roberts, Clinical Business Manager, Amanda Alcock, Assistant CBM, Ann Douglas, Dr Sally Graham for arranging the day and Clare Shields for the fabulous cakes.

Take a look at the pledges below.

Team DCV


I will continue to treat every single patient as I would my own mum, bring things in for people, spend time with people.


I will not hear the term “no capacity” and presume that patient no longer has a voice, like and dislikes. I will always include them in the conversation about their care and ask what matters to you.
Amy Brennan – Occupational Therapist


I will take more time in the understanding of dementia and the effects this has on families. I want to set up a support services eventually to help families through their difficult times. And to challenge staff who are not professional.
Danielle McDermott – Stroke data and quality co-ordinator


I will ask everyone I meet what matters to them. I share your stories.
Lisa Roberts – Clinical Business Manager


I will work my hardest to ensure handmade for dementia cannula services are made for and used in every hospital eventually.
Sharon Holdstock – Founder Handmade for Dementia


I will make time each week to listen to my friend with dementia, and not just talk to her.
Angie Harding – Admin and Volunteer at Handmade for Dementia


I will continue to spend the precious time that patients and their families and carers need to help them through their hospital journey.
Catherine Tunney – Physiotherapist


I will take the time to find out about each person behind the ward patient. I will ask each person what matters to them.
Debbie Murray – Occupational Therapist


I will make sure that every patient – person – who anyone in my team comes in contact with during their stay in hospital is asked, on first contact, “what matters to you”
Lorraine Heaton – Clinical Head Therapist


I will show compassion to residents by spending more time with them.


I will always recognise the person behind the condition.
Caroline Conway – Assistant Practitioner


I will always recognise the person behind the condition. I will be “that” district nurse.
Rebecca Sharp – Student Nurse


I will endeavour to find out with every patient I see to find out what is important to them and what matters to them.
Sara Proffitt – Mental Health Practitioner


I will encourage all team members and myself to deal with patients as human/stories/memories that just cares.
Dr Mohammad Qaffaf – Medical Registrar Doctor


I will spend time each clinic before we discuss medical issues to get to know a little bit about the person behind the diagnosis, even if for 5 minutes or ask their families if a patient cannot.
Sally Graham – STS Specialist Trainee


I will aim to expedite out older patients discharges to their preferred place of care by asking them from admission about their wishes/aims and working with our discharge teams to make our discharge process more efficient.
James Manger – Registrar


I will continue to include the importance of good patient positioning so loved ones can actually communicate with the individual.
Mary Chapman


I will ask staff on my wad what matters to their every/for the day, so we change the focus of ward from bed moves, discharges and tasks to better and more positive, less stressful shift.
Ali Bello


I will ensure my staff treat patients with compassion without exception, the same as I would expect my family members to be treated and to ask what matters to you.