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Tommy returned to Birmingham on 8 August for another session and pledges.

Big thanks to Michelle Owen – Interim Chief Nurse, Andrew Daly – Divisional Head of Nursing, Joanne Wells – Clinical Support Manager, Zoe Peryer – Clinical Educator, Lynn Lord – Head of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, Beth Sykes – Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist Geriatric Care and colleagues at University Hospitals Birmingham for inviting Tommy to share our Make a Difference Campaign and Leading Change Adding Value A Framework for Nursing, Midwifery and Care Staff (This link will take you away from our website)  and eLearning Tool (This link will take you away from our website) at the Hospital Education Centre on Wednesday 8 August.

Tommy had the great privilege to speak a couple of months back, at both the Trust Nursing and then Carer Conference. We were so honoured to be invited to meet more of the wonderful staff.

We had a brilliant day meeting nursing teams at the first two sessions then the therapies teams at the third.

Thank you all for another fantastic and inspiring day and most wonderful pledges below.

Team DCV


I will support my team of nurses to provide what carer the families and cares of our patients need and share the outcomes with everyone through the words of those families and carers.
Fiona Wyton – Matron


I will make a tree and leave it in my mum’s house, her names is Elizabeth, she has vascular dementia. It would be lovely to ask carers (her carers) and her nurses how they made a difference to mum`s day in work. Make a poster about what matters to my colleagues.
Jennifer Pearson – Practice Development Practitioner


I will ensure the trust “All about me” are available on the quick for patients/carers to fill in.


I will complete the online education and smile to consider what/who matters more.


I will start to push towards including patient and carer stories into our educational programme.
Louise Alcorn – Education Quality Practitioner


I will see the person not the disease and help others to do the same.
Sue Martin – Assistant Practitioner for Clinical Education


I will continue to spread love and hope.
Pauline John – Occupational Therapist


I will always greet people with a smile,


I will make every effort to see the real person and learn about who my patient is beyond the walls of the hospital.
Emma Neale – Physiotherapist Assistant


I will encourage my team to make sure what really matters to patients is fully considered when we are helping to plan patient discharges.

I will support patient stories in handovers and MDT`s. Put the patient at the centre of all we do.


I will find out about my local dementia group to see how I can become involved.
Claire Freeman – Tissue Viability Nurse


I will share the experiences and knowledge I have gained today with my trainee nursing advocates and as them to promote what matters to me in their practice.
Erinn Gallagher – Clinical Educator


I have recently become a dementia friend and aim to improve people’s perception of those with dementia.
Marie Pecan – Band 5


I will carry the intentions through of todays presentation to my next placements – ask what matter to people.
Laura Bishton – Student Physio


I will promise to make a change to clinical practice that is far from excellent.


I will strive to find out what makes my patients soul feel happy and safe. I will do this by spending just ten minutes at the beginning of my shift just talking to them about who they are beyond the hospital gown.

I will make a tree of values ad what matters to patients and what matters to our staff on normal power. Introduce “what matters to me” boards.


I will try to encourage my patients to lead healthy life styles, kindly advise them. Work with my colleagues to enhance our care giving skills. Try to always set a good example. Ask what matters to patients and staff.
Reta Higgins – Band 5 Nurse


I will spend more time getting to know my patients better giving more assurance (pre-op) getting to know the little things that can make a key difference to my patients.


Dementia changes lives forever, I pledge to not let my care change.
Leaf Matthieson


I will introduce the “what matter to you” for patients that are going to have surgery.


I will ensure I consider all aspects of a patients care, not just their condition.


I will ask what matters to patients and families. So, I can align my care. Create patient centred goals/activities.
Susan Duff – Dietitian


I will continue to place the individual at the centre of care treat and respect people in the way that they wish.
Carlton Murdock – Deputy Divisional Head of Nursing


I will always involve patients. What matters to them.
Susan Price – Head of Nutrition and Diabetes


I will ask everyone I meet to treat what’s important to them who is important.
Kumbi Gwahdzo


I will continue to ask patients and cares what is important and matters to them.


I will ask what is important to all my patients as an introduction on first meeting. I will continue to raise money for Alzheimer’s research – half marathon this year eek! I will continue to buy a new broach each month for my mother in law as this is what matters to her before she began living with dementia.
Claire Philips – Matron


I will not just ask the questions I will actually listen to the answers.
Theresa McCarthy – Research Nurse


I will ask each patient to tell me about their life, so I can get to know them better and have a better relationship, so I can care for them better.
Nick Court – Physiotherapy Assistant


I will ask my patients what matters to you? who matters to you? Think more about the person and not just the condition.


I will ensure that we can deliver a session to new starters on how they can help the trust support leading change and adding value.


I will always hug or hold patients hand if they’re worried or scared. I will always spend as much time they need with them.


I will give myself time to be more available for staff, so I can be better at my job.


I will listen and ask what matters to my patients. To make a difference and to keep them smiling.
Jayde Mason – Occupational Therapist


I will take time to ask patients what matters to them, listen and act accordingly.