University of Bradford Students Pledge to Make a Difference

Type: Pledge

UK Lead, Tommy continues the tour to Bradford University

Big thanks to Dominic Egan; Danielle Woods, colleagues and the wonderful students from across University of Bradford for a brilliant afternoon on 12 March.

Tommy was invited by Dominic and Danielle to speak to students from across the faculty and share our #makeadifference campaign along with Leading Change, Adding Value, A Framework (This link will take you away from our website) for Nursing, Midwifery and Care staff.

We are grateful for the kindness, care and passion we received on the day and wonderful pledges below.

Thank you from all the team at DCV


I will remember my Nan Joan, and all the new born babies who grew up to be the people in care for.  Rebecca – Student Nurse


I will make a difference. I will always promote continence. I will help to promote high standards of care. I will promote dignity and respect. I will promote the 6C`s and be the best nurse I can be. Everybody matters.
Michelle McGill – Student Nurse (Adult)


I will teach others about dementia, and how they can provide better care for those we care for.
Carl Maron – Student Nurse


I will ask what matters to you and who matters to you.


I will ensure all my patients are seen as individuals and not their illness. To ensure my patients are treated correctly.
Ashleigh Hinchliffe – Student Nurse/Healthcare Assistant.


I will always ask what and who matters to you.
Katie Langdale – Student Nurse (Adult)


I will speak for those to keep their identity, to not allow it to tolerate “ok” to see another person with dementia. I will do that for them, for their family and for the nurses who did that for me, my family and my dad.
Sally Carter – Student Adult Nurse


I will make every patient I treat feel special and value them as though they were my own mum, dad, sister or husband.
Katie Dedics – Student Nurse


I will lead change/ turn my intentions into practice are. By adding value and communications. To promote health and wellbeing. To provide quality care to people in need. Donating to charity dealing with dementia.


I will continue to do the small things. What is small to some people is massive to others. Hello, my name is Claire – What matters to you.
Claire Jones – Student Adult Nurse


I will offer and deliver great quality care.
I will be the leader of good conversation and ensure I am the creator of compassionate environments for patients. I will continue to be kind and show love to everyone in my care, my life and the world.
Stephanie Jaworskyj – Student Nurse


I will ensure that every patient that I have the privilege of nursing has the best care and is considered as a special individual with what matters to them at the forefront of everything I do.
Jenna Milligan – Student Nurse


I will always try to make a positive difference in my patient’s day. Taking the time out of the busy shifts to consider what matters the most to my patient.
Ami Bedford – Student Mental Health Nurse


I will treat every patient as if they were myself or my own family with dignity respect and choices.
Natalie Durkin – Student Nurse


I will make a difference within people’s lives, personalising their care and asking “what matters to them” Olivia Yarrow – Student Mental Health Nurse


I will find out what matter to my patients and initiate more conversations about what is important to them.
Rebecca Moore – Student Nurse


I will treat people as individual and see them as a person rather than someone who has an illness that needs treating.


I will be an advocate for communication throughout my career. By highlighting its value and need at every given opportunity.
Kelly Fullbrook – Student Adult Nurse


I will be positive and always try and see the person not the dementia. Try and spend as much time as I can with individuals, not just these to carry out personal cares.


I will work harder and take more time to see family and friends. I will listen and act on patients wishes to ensure their life is fulfilled and worthwhile until the end. I will be a better nurse. To see the person behind the illness and them not be their illness. To follow the advice given in todays lecture to be a better nurse and improve the care I provide.


I will always give my patients the time which they deserve. I will make sure I provide dignified and holistic care, always.


I will ask people what is important to them and who is important to them.
Joshua Dolan – Student Nurse


I will take the time to get to know each person I care for, and hope that rom this I can ensure that care they receive is tailored to them. Everyone should be seen as an individual with a story beyond their diagnosis.
Rhea Carsmith – Student Mental Health Nurse


I will call people out when they don’t take time to get to know patients. Teach others to recognise their weaknesses and ask for help.
Amelia Hoggard-Leathers – Student Nurse (Mental Health)


I will see everyone as a mum, dad brother and sister…
Philip Cartwright-Hughes – Student Nurse


I will make sure I spend more time for people when I’m looking after to get to know them and their story.
I will make sure that I will not just explore what’s the matter with someone but also what matters to them.
Joshua Clapham – Student Nurse


I will not take every second as a breath of life but every breath as a second to make a difference to someone else’s life.
Gemma Bland – Student Adult Nurse


I will gain a smile of every individual I meet or try to.
Danielle Harris – Student Nurse


I will ask patients “what matters to you” more whilst on placement and once qualified as a nurse. I will also share this with other colleagues and also with senior manager to implement interactions on hospital wards.
Jamie Tomkinson – Student Nurse 3rd Year.


I will ensure I ask people their story and remember this when providing care.
Leanne Amy Hobson – Student Mental Health Nurse


I will always ask what matters to you? and listen and then do – so powerful.
Zoe Fisher – Mental Health Student Nurse


I will ask what matters to you. I pledge to be a better nurse today, tomorrow and every day for as long as my career.


I will see beyond the illness the patient has and respond with compassion.


I will always treat patients like my mother/father/grandparent and value them. Will ask what matters to them.


I will always practice with a positive attitude and treat each patient as an individual.
Robin Dunce – Student Nurse


I will ask someone today – what matters to you? Very inspirational talk – thank you.


I will always speak up.


I will always search for the least restrictive option. I will strive to improve overall care for all patients. I aim to integrate more practices in mental health services to help other services as A+E.
Lauren Hall – Student Mental Health Nurse


I will try my hardest to go above and beyond in make sure every person I work with I have offered them everything they deserve. Basic rights to all those who are forgotten about because of a diagnosis.
Anna Yasmin Ashad – Student Mental Health Nurse (3rd Year)


I will take time to listen and truly hear the people and families I care for.
Natalie Kirwan – Student Nurse


I will continue to interact with people in a way that they can be comfortable enough to be themselves honestly and openly expressing preferences so that they can be cared for in a way they wish to be cared for.


I will ask people what matters to them most listen more and love people for whom they are.
Irene Mayenga – Student Nurse


I will listen to what people say, what they want and how they would like their care.


I will make sure that my patients can have a drink (of water) if that means helping them to lift the cup to their lips and make sure I’m not just standing at the nurse’s station instead.
Lucy Speiler – Student Nurse 2nd Year


I will take time to listen to others and pay more attention to others each day. Giving 100% in every conversation I have.


I will take more time out of my day to listen to peoples stories, interests and needs.
Fay Martyn – Student Physiotherapist.


I will care for each patient as I would like my family member to be treated after in respectful and caring manner.
Alison Meegan – Student


I will take this information with me when caring for dementia patients.
C.Shelley – Student Nurse


I will listen and spend time with my patients. I want to understand who they are and their past and what matters to them.
Sophia Kitson – Student Nurse/HCA


I will ask the people I look after “what matters to you” to champion the needs and wishes of each person I come into contact with.
Cat Wilford – Student Nurse


I will ask people “what matters to you” and fight to ensure that I meet the needs. To care for them to the best standard.


I will ask what and who natters to someone.


I will always ask my patients what matters to them and look at them as a person and not an illness.
Samantha Wilby – Adult Nursing Student


I will maintain my own high standards in all aspects of my journey.
Susan Rossiter – Student Nurse


I will make sure I always give my time and love to all patients, I will ask them what is important to them. I will support patients in whatever their choices are.
Joanne Naylor – Student Adult Nurse


I will continue to work with dedication, enthusiasm and passion for nursing yesterday, today and tomorrow because what mattes to me is having the privilege to care for others.
Jessica Smith – Student Nurse (Adult) Year 2


I will ask every patient I look after “what matters to them” and try providing it for them, as possible as I can. To listen and spend time with my patients.


I will ask people in my care, their families and friends what matters to them and who matters to them. Shanika Lewis – Adult Student Nurse- Second Year


I will protect, support and be the voice for ALL those who come into my care.
Hollie Coates – Student Nurse
I will continue to work alongside studying to be a nurse to provide love and care for other people’s family members across Bradford and York!
Emily Smith – Student Nurse/HCA


I will ask the patient what matters to them, take time to listen to patients, try my very hardest to fulfil patients wishes.
Millie Scatchard – Student Nurse


I will be delivering the care and support that meet their needs and matters to them.


I will consider myself valuable, this speech made me realise, I could bring a lot of positive things. I will spend time listening to patient’s history and understand what matters to them.


I will make a difference to each and every patient that I care for. I will make sure that I learn what matters to them to make sure that I can give my patients the care that they deserve.
Emily Storry – Student Nurse


I will start to ask the patients I care for more meaningful questions and make a difference to their lives and their families and friends.
Georgia Birtley – Student Nurse


I will ask what matters the most to each individual I come across and make sure I provide the best quality of care I can to make a difference in a positive way.
Megan Mooney – Student Adult Nurse


I will always ask my patients what matter to them. Tommy you are an inspiration. Thank you.
Katie Abbott – Adult Nurse Student


I will lead a change by treating all individual with dementia as a human being not dementia as a human being not dementia. Also, to treat them the way I would like to be treated myself.


I will learn about my patients, what matters to them and make their time important and valuable. Respect their choice i.e. not wanting to wear an incontinence pads/or listening to classical music and bringing this to the person.


I will be the nurse that makes a difference creating conversations, showing and giving compassionate loving care to all my patients and their families.
Ashleigh Turner – Student Nurse – Adult


I will ask “what matters” Rather than “what’s the matter”. I will ask about their past and take the time to understand them and their lives.
Laura Neill – Student Nurse (Adult field)


I will try follow the 10 commitments and ask patients what matters to them.


I will ask patients how they are doing every day and ask them what matters to them and if there is anyone that they would like to visit them that day – “who matters to them”
Sophie Bryant-Miles – Student Nurse


I will continue to remember to do the little things that matter the most to someone.
Emma Brook – Mental Health Nurse Student.


I pledge that I’m going to keep going.