University of Derby Christmas Lecture – Leading Change Adding Pledges

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Tommy speak to Nursing students at Derby University and Richmond Retirement Village.

UK Lead, Tommy was honoured to be invited as a guest speaker to The University of Derby Nursing Christmas Lectures on 8 December 2017.

Tommy was Joined at the session by Rick Walker from The CNO England Team, who shared, Leading Change, Adding Value, Framework (This link will take you away from our website) for Nursing, Midwifery and Care staff.

Tommy was proud to speak about caring for his mum, Joan, and our #makeadifference campaign.

Thank you to all the students and staff at the University for a brilliant day and for the wonderful pledges below.  After the event Tommy popped round to Richmond Retirement Village to speak with staff and Families.  A massive thanks to Merilee, colleagues and families who attended.


I will share Tommy`s story with all the care home staff in my area.
Helen Smith – Quality Manager (Care homes)


I pledge to make sire that all of my patients feel like they matter to me. I will do this by always listening to them and being the best OT I can be for them by always learning more.
Emma Rodngines – Student Occupational Therapist.


I will be the best I can be and never stop.
Sam Clark – Student Nurse


I pledge to ask what matters, listen carefully and act on this. I also pledge to never walk past low standards and be the voice for other.


I will try to understand what matters to the patient and who they were/who they are today. In practice I will try to get to know the patient the best I can through them aswell as family and friends.
Katy Nash – Student Nurse


I will improve my practice by going the extra mile to understand the parents’ full needs (social, mental, physical) in order to improve their experience and encourage other staff.
Chante Lole – Student Nurse


I will lead by example – asking service users what matters to them and what they would like to happen in their lives and their care.
Claire Briley – Student NH Nurse


I pledge to give each patient the best possible care to never judge anyone and to ask, “what matters to you” who matters to you. Try my best each day.
Cheryl Gilbert – 3rd Year Student Nurse


I will lead by example and always try to centre the care I give around the individual, inclusive of their family and loved ones.
Tobi Roome – Student Adult Nurse


I will take the time to ask what matters to you regarding patients, carers and family members. I will make more effort to ask patients, cares and family members what they want to be called/known as.
Collette Murray – Student Adult Nurse (Year 3)


I pledge to take time to make the person I’m dealing with as the only person in the world that counts in that second. I don’t work in care it’s a fantastic mantra for life.
Daniel Wilcockson – (Not medical) Management at a bar


I will constantly adopt my nursing style to bet suit my patients and never forget to communicate. Speak out for people, “The care you walk past is the care you accept”


I will find out my patients’ stories I became a nurse to make a difference to the way people were treated as individuals after my grandad received generic EOLC on an acute ward and was never asked what matters to him.


I will try to ask all patients/service users “what matter to you” and I will endeavour to consistently provide person centred holistic care which involves cares and families.


I will listen to my patients. I will understand and implement their wants and needs into the care that I provide for them.


I will smile (not like loon) but I feel a friendly face can initiate opportunities for interaction. The settings healthcare professionals work in can be gloomy but if we can at an equally gloomy and scary time. Georgina-May Cross – 3rd Year Student Nurse (Adult)