University of Glasgow, 1st Year Nursing Students, Pledge

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Glasgow Uni 29 Nov

Tommy revisists Glasgow University`s new 1st Year Nursing Students on 29 Nov.

Big thanks to our great friend Jane Joy, Lecturer Nursing & Health Care School of Medicine College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences University of Glasgow for inviting Tommy back this year to speak with 1st Year Nursing Students.

Jane published a paper on letters sent to Tommy and the project last year, you can view a summary of the paper and pledges from our previous visits to the University.

We had a brilliant morning once again with #ourFutureNurses Thank you for the continued working together and wonderful pledges below.

Team DCV


I pledge to dedicate my life and future profession to caring but mostly listening to people and asking people for at least one thing which matters to them.
Rebecca Ross – Student Nurse. University of Glasgow


My pledge is to try and find one ting to smile about with at least one person ill care for each day. To make them feel like a valued person.
Claire Carie – University of Glasgow


I will try my best to be the compassionate and considerate nurse patients need. I will remember the impact that my actions have on others and how vulnerable they feel in this moment.
Emily Felth – Student Nurse


I vow always to be kind and look for the soul inside.


I pledge to ensure I treat all my patients as individuals and deliver person centred care at all times.
Megan Berretti – Student Nurse at University of Glasgow.


I pledge to consider the people that patients were before coming into hospital and to treat them as individuals.


I pledge to have unlimited patience for every patient and to treat everyone equally and with kindness.


I pledge to remember to see the person and not the illness, and take the time to get to know what matters to the individual and their family.


I pledge to always provide patient centred care and treat everyone as an individual.


I pledge to take the time to hold the hand that needs held, through the bustle and bustle as well as the silence.


I pledge to keep caring and listening to people with all my heart. Never stop loving people, even if they start to not love me back.
. Siobhan Rae – Student Nurse University of Glasgow


I pledge that ill always be one of the confidante and friend to the people and patients I come across that I will never let my duty of care become a task but always remain a person.


My pledge is to ask all my patient what matters to them, who matters to them and what I can do to help them. Do what matters to them that day.
Ashley Smith – Student Nurse University of Glasgow


I pledge to ensure I see everyone as a person and not just as a patient.


My pledge is to always remember to see the person, who they are, who they were and not just their illness. I pledge that no matter how busy/stressed I am I want ever loose my kindness.


I pledge to make sure everyone’s story is heard.
Beth Irvine – Glasgow University (Nursing)


I pledge to make time to have a conversation with every individual to find out who they are and whatever matters to them.
Brooke Houston – Student Nurse


I pledge to value and listen to each patient’s opinion and find out what matters to them.


I pledge to treat everyone as an individual and not a bed number or illness and to find out what matters to them and how to make their care individual.


I pledge to value every patient individually as a person and not as collection of symptoms.


I pledge to always ask patent what matters to a them.


I pledge treat every person I meet as an individual and make sure I can always do the best for the people I meet.


I pledge to always treat people n my care as individuals and take the time to get to know what matters to them and never let stress take away kindness.


I pledge to always remember that people have had a life before coming into hospital/being ill, and have had thousands of life experiences that have shaped them as a person.


To ask every patient I work with what I cam do that day to make them feel a little bit better.
Anna Glasgow – Student Nurse


I pledge to tailor my care based on the way the patient want to be cared for and to always take time to get to know them.


Always ask what/who matters to a patient and having a smile on my face when approaching them.


I pledge to make sure you put a smile on peoples faces before approaching them and after you leave. Make sure you ask what matters to them.


I pledge to ensure everyone within my care smiles at least once a day and always feels that them, their family and their story is my priority and that I truly do care.
Victoria Rhodes – Student Nurse at the University of Glasgow.


I pledge to make sure to get to know the person and reach the care of their character instead of just frowning on their illness.