University of Stirling 2nd Year Nursing 2018

Type: Pledge

Tommy has been back to Stirling Uni with Shaun Maher and ALLIANCE colleague, Louise Copland

4 August saw UK Lead Tommy kick of the University and College tour this week by going back to University of Stirling, to deliver a Make a Difference session to  2nd Year Nursing Students, who we met in December last year at the beginning of their course.

Special thanks to Dr Anne Taylor (PhD BSc Hons; RGN) Programme Director BSc Nursing  Faculty of Health and Sport for supporting us on the day and through our campaign.

We have been so proud to visit the University over the last years to share our Make A Difference Campaign and key message from CNO for Scotland Fiona McQueen, and continue our working together over 2018.

Tommy was joined at the session by Shaun Maher, Strategic Advisor for Person Centred Care and Quality Improvement at the Scottish Government.  Shaun shared a great session on “What Matters to You” (This link will take you away from our website), kindness and self-care.

Our ALLIANCE colleague Louise Coupland shared some the work from across the ALLLIANCE Self-Management, House of Care, ALISS and the Links Worker Programme projects and closed the day .

Thank you to great colleagues for the brilliant sessions, Anne and the wonderful students for a brilliant day and pledges below.

Team DCV 🙂


I pledge to always see the person, listen to the person, and treat them as an individual person they are.  NEVER the condition/illness.
Lisa Elliott – Student Nurse


I pledge to continue to build upon seeing my patients as people and find out how I can help them.
Lauren Claire Gray – Student Nurse


I pledge to never forget that each patient is an individual.
Louise Mackenzie – Student Nurse


To try and find time to support everyone I care in a respectful manner spending the time with people that they deserve always ask what matters to you?


As a student nurse, I hereby pledge to uphold the NMC code of conduct at all time.  I pledge to deliver a high level of quality of care, by being compassionate and caring at all times and never loose the physical, and human connection with people I will look after.
Blessing Olodipo – Student Nurse


I pledge to take the time to actively listen to what is important to the person so they can them receive the best personal centre care I could deliver.
Lyndsay McAuslane – Student Nurse


I pledge to be the best I can using my time to care for every person as an individual.
Anita Comfort – Student Nurse


My pledge is to give patients more of my time.


I pledge to continue to work towards and build on my dementia knowledge.  Also to continue to ask “what matters to you” and actively “ask, listen and do”
Nicola Marshall – Student Nurse


On my placement in elderly care, I want to come from a more holistic approach, being a friend and a health professional.


My pledge is to care for people and see the them as them not the condition beside anyone says anything.  I will keep trying my best to be there for them and listen to them.


My pledge is to see the person not the dementia as condition and always put their feelings first.


I pledge to stop and listen to people what do they want and need.  And try to the best of my ability to help them.


I pledge to look after myself better in order to be the best nurse I can be.
Nicole Cooper – Student Nurse


I pledge to take the initiative forward.


I pledge to always ask patients what matters to them.


I pledge to change the question from “what is wrong with you” to what matters to you.


I pledge to see every person as an individual and remember they are not their diagnosis.
Vanessa Saunders – Student Mental Health Nurse


I pledge to spend more time with my family, especially my mum and my grandad.  Remember to call home more often and be supportive to my parents.


I pledge to try being happier in my life and spending more time with friends and family.


I pledge to ask carers how they are coping, and offer information about support available to them, should they advise that they are struggling.
Liz Morgan – Student Nurse


I pledge to be more patient/understanding with patients, and also able to spend more time with them.


I pledge to find out what matters to my service users and communicate to them using this knowledge.


I pledge to practice reflection daily to improve on my knowledge and practice.


I pledge to treat all patients with dignity and respect.  Always ask them “what matters to you” rather than “what’s the matter”
Chloe Shift – Student Mental Health Nurse


I will make sure to listen more to individuals that want to share stories or problems/worries.


My pledge is to continue to support people with dementia and their families and to help educate others about dementia to enable them better understanding of the condition and promote inclusion.


I pledge to actively listen to someone when I ask the question “what matters to you”
Laura McAdam – Student Nurse Mental Health


I pledge looking at individuals post their illness, treating them with respect, dignity and as a person they were before the illness (dementia).