UWS Ayr Campus Launch Pledge Tree

Type: Pledge

Dementia Carer Voices are proud to have attended the launch of UWS Ayr Campus’ new Pledge Tree

We are very proud to work with UWS every year as a part of our ongoing You Can Make a Difference campaign. Our UK Lead Tommy Whitelaw regularly speaks to students and staff at the university, encouraging them to pledge to make a difference and returning to see how they have got on. Tommy will be back on the 14th September for two more sessions with students.

We’d like to thank Alison Toner, whose dedication brought this idea to life. The tree was designed by UWS Digital Art graduate Michelle Logan who donated her skill, craft and time, whilst the wood was provided by Hope Homes.

Michelle told us that ‘the thing that has surprised me is that its really made me think about myself, and that there’s a lot more people worse off than you. It’s hopefully going to inspire the students here at UWS. The tree may not grow, but the inspiration from the tree will never stop growing. And hopefully, the love will never stop growing either.’

We’ve attached a picture of the tree below and we think you’ll agree that it looks absolutely amazing.

The tree will give students and staff the opportunity to reflect on what they can do to make a difference for people living with dementia.

We hope that it will encourage values based reflective practice. It will provide a place where students can come back and look at their pledges to remind themselves of who they are and why they wanted to become a nurse in the first place. We know the impact this can have, having met three final-year student nurses at the launch of the new tree who told us that they had recently looked back at the pledges they had made in their first year at university, to remind themselves of how they had felt at the beginning of their course.

We’re really excited to see the tree grow over the months and years ahead!

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