UWS, Paisley Campus – 2nd Year Nursing Students Pledge

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UK Lead, Tommy Whitelaw returns to University of Western Scotland - Paisley Campus speaking alongside the Chief Nursing Officer for Scotland

Thank you to Gillian Gamble, Lecturer at The University West of Scotland (UWS) Paisley Campus for inviting us to speak with 2nd Year Nursing Students as part of the Care of Vulnerable Adults Module.

Great thanks also to Senior Lecturer, Dr Susan McDonald for meeting us and looking after us with a great conversation over lunch.

You can read about and wonderful pledges from our previous visit to the Paisley Campus back in March 2017.

This year Tommy and Laura were so very honoured to be  joined by Professor Fiona McQueen, Chief Nursing Officer for Scotland.

Fiona inspired our Future Nurses with a brilliant session sharing the 2030 Nursing Vision along some personal reflections and a great questions and answer session.

We are so very honoured to to continue our great relationship working with the University and we are inspired once again by the students we met and the most wonderful pledges below.

A massive thank you to all from Tommy, Laura and all at Dementia Carer Voices for another great day with UWS and the students .

Team DCV



I pledge to treat each person as an individual, to take the time to listen and to always make a difference to their day no matter how small.


I pledge to always make time for service users and service users family. I pledge to see the person first and not the condition.


I pledge to find out what matters to the people I care for.



I pledge to always get to know the person behind the dementia. To never view someone as their illness. To treat every individual in the way I would my own family.
Lindsey Kyle – Student Nurse – University of the West of Scotland


I want to be the kind of nurse that always makes a positive difference to my patients and their families during their most vulnerable times in life.


I pledge to take time no matter how busy my day is to get to know more about my patients.


I pledge to ask patients what matters to them, to learn a bit more about their life.


I pledge to see past the diagnosis and see the person.
Laura McCluskey – Student Nurse UWS


I pledge to be a kind and caring nurse and make every person feel safe and looked after. One thing you would change: More staff.


I pledge to acknowledge my use of language and others. To educate others that it’s not okay to refer to someone as “challenging”. Putting their condition first is not right this is a person what matters to them is important.


I pledge to give each patient time. Time is a healer and if you don`t give your patient time then they can`t heal.


I will be the best nurse I can be and be there for people whenever they need me.


My pledge is to listen to patients treat them as individuals. Take time to give them the best possible nursing care I can.


I pledge to be a best nurse. I try to listen people and understand they needs and do what they want what others want. Treat people life a part of my family member.


I pledge to always smile and stop and listen to not be pressured from others about workload and paper work. To be there firstly for patient.


My pledge is to be kind and keep trying for “you”.


I pledge to be the best nurse I can be. Provide the best care I can.
Vikki Petkova – Student Nurse


I pledge to be empathic kind and a helping hand to those in need but most important a friend.


I pledge to take care of patients diagnosed with dementia using person centred approach make a difference in their lives by listening and using good interpersonal skills as a nurse. Be there and listen, smile and let them know that someone cares.


I pledge to continue to give person centred care for people with dementia and those that are caring, for those affected. Seeing beyond the condition and see those affected as individuals and not the condition.


I will always give my all when providing care for my patients, whether that caring for the persons physical, emotional, social or spiritual needs.


I pledge to ensure I put a smile on every single one of the patients I look after. Sometimes happiness is the best medicine.
Shannon Reynolds – Student Nurse UWS Paisley


I pledge to see the beautiful individual, not just the illness, and to always be respectful and compassionate in working with people and their families, always wanting to know what matters to them.


I pledge to make every patient feel the genuine care that I have for them.


I pledge to do more than your “supposed” to do. Care more than your “supposed” to care. Be more than your “supposed” to be.


I pledge to always be a rainbow on someone else`s cloud.


I will connect with the person behind the illness and try my best to ease their pain/worries, aswell as their family and friends.


I pledge to dedicate my time to getting to know all of the people I meet in my career and to be honest, letting others get to know me as a person not just a number.
Liam Wallace – Student Nurse UWS


I pledge to see the person, their story, their life and their family not their condition.


I pledge to try and get to know every person I care for, even if they find it hard to tell me.


I pledge to try my best to always try to think of life through my parent’s eyes.
Taylor Bird – Student Nurse UWS Paisley


I pledge to help make a difference. To care for my patients with dignity and respect.
Rebecca Ralston – Student Nurse and Care Assistant


I pledge to be a great nurse, look after my patients with care, respect and professionalism. I like making people smile and laugh. Makes the day more enjoyable.
Shannon Rennie – Student Nurse and Care Assistant (Part time)


My pledge is to be there, listen to, support, care for, nurse back to good health to someone at their mist vulnerable time if their life.


I pledge to see every patient as a person and not an illness. Treat them how I would want myself to be treated, with dignity and respect.
Leona Stewart – Student Nurse and Carer


My pledge is to be a good caring nurse and provide holistic care for my patients, I will ask them about their problem and take time to listen to them and support them to feel better.


I pledge to see the person not their medical condition. Not call someone challenging or “the we woman with dementia”
Cheryl Hurrell – Student Nurse Mental Health Nurse


I pledge to give everything I can to provide the best care possible and to make a difference in people’s lives.


I pledge to find out about the history of the person I am caring for. What and who matters to them.


I pledge to be a great nurse. To treat each person as an individual. To be there for the person and their families. Be a support and a friend.
Sarah Louise Brown – Second Year Student Nurse UWS


I pledge to treat patients as people (by their name) and give the best individual care possible.
Robyn Stewart – Student Nurse and HCSW


I pledge to treat people with dignity and respect and see the person not the illness.


I pledge to treat people, how I would want to be treated and how I would want my family and friends to be cared for.
Lynsey Kerrigan – Student Nurse


I pledge I have a different outlook on dementia patients and see the person as they are. Also, to realise they are scared of what is happening.
Karen McCuaig – Student Nurse at UWS Paisley


I pledge to ensure the person is not lost in the illness.


I pledge to take time to listen to the patients. What they want. What is important to them.


My pledge is to be a nurse who focuses on person centred care.


My pledge is to be a more person-centred nurse and treat everyone as an individual.


My pledge is to always take into account a person’s past. Who they are what they liked etc.
Valerie Cairney – Student Nurse


I would like to be the best nurse I can possibly be with compassion and love for every single individual.


I pledge to always remember the person as an individual, with compassion (and not the disease) not be defined by illness.
Wendy MacFarlane – UWS BSc Adult Nursing Student


I pledge to remember that each patient is unique and beautiful to someone, give them the time and care that they deserve.
Aislingeh Harper – Student Nurse


I pledge to always treat people as individuals and encourage my colleagues to do the same.
Jennifer Dundas – Student Nurse


I pledge to always find time to interact with those coming into my care on both a professional and person level.
Richard Myczko – Year 2 Adult Student Nurse


I pledge to be there for people and try to help them in any way I can.
Shannon Black – Student Nurse, UWS Paisley


I pledge to be able to help people in any way possible.


I pledge to continue making a difference to different patients/service users that I come across in my career life, no matter what I come across i.e. in terms of barriers at work.
Jackie Mwangi – Student Nurse/Carer/Support Worker


My pledge is to always see the patient first, to forget who I am to find out who they are and how I can help.
George Glen – Student Nurse


I pledge to always remember my gran for who she was and for her story not for what the dementia defined her as. I pledge to always find out who the individual is and not the way the dementia has made them.


My pledge is to make more time to understand the person who is under my care that has dementia and to treat them for the person that they are and not for their condition.
Lauren Blair – Student Nurse UWS


My pledge is no matter how bust I am I will always make time for my patients. They are someone’s loved one, I will treat them like my loved one.
Megan Haddock – Student Mental Health Nursing UWS


My pledge is to always see the person I am working with first and to always ask what is important to them.
Lorne Mullen – Student Nurse


I pledge to call “patients” by their name and not bed 1a etc.
Elaine Mulvey – Student Nurse Adult Nursing Year 2


I pledge to always treat the person as the person they are and not their disease. Always make them feel that they can approach me and I am there.
Michelle Sharkey – Student Nurse UWS


I will always remember the person behind the illness.


I pledge to always consider an individual’s past life, their like and dislikes and personal wishes when providing care.



My pledge is to always smile, listen to what matters to the patient and to take time to chat with them. And always remember “Your one person to the world, but to one person you are their world”
Alicia Sassarini – Student Nurse


My pledge is to treat every single person with respect always.
Laura – Student Nurse


I pledge to make a difference in individuals life and show them support and compassion.
Stephanie Stuart – Student Nurse


I pledge to make a difference to people’s life and always help where I can.
Aimee Montgomery – Student Nurse


I pledge that during contact with every person. I’ll try to take a moment to think about who they are, what’s important to them and what I can do to help in a way that makes them feel as comfortable as possible. Kevin Boyle – Student UWS Paisley


I pledge to take time to get to know my patients as well as I would know my friends and family. To know what matters to them and who matters to them.
Aimee Hamilton – Student Nurse


I pledge to be the best nurse that I can be and see the person as more than just a patient. Who matters to you and what matters to you will be my focus when caring for them. Caitlin Boyle – UWS Paisley Campus


I pledge to be kind to everyone, hear their stories and spread positivity.
Erin Cassidy – Student UWS


I pledge to always listen to always see to always act. I pledge to love and care in my role and be their voice when they have none. I pledge to be there. I pledge to always listen. I pledge to always see. I pledge to always see the person in front of me. I will always help and support. And be there when you need me. Debbie Activities and Events Coordinator – End of Life Lead.