West Lothian College Pledge to Make a Difference

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Tommy visited Health and Social Care students at West Lothian College last week, collecting 17 pledges to make a difference

We’d like to thank Linda Brown, Course Tutor and Lecturer at West Lothian College for inviting Tommy to speak to Health and Social Care students Friday 26 January. This was my first time watching Tommy speak and it was a powerful presentation. I found myself getting quite emotional at times as he spoke from personal experience of caring for his mum Joan.

Tommy spoke about our You Can Make a Difference campaign, and how anyone, at any level of care, can make a difference in someone’s life. And it doesn’t always take a lot – this can be as simple as asking someone what matters to them, and who matters to them.

Seeing someone as an individual, and not as a patient can make all the difference. The most moving part of Tommy’s talk may have been when he introduced us to his mum Joan the person, and not the ‘wee woman with dementia.’ She was an interesting woman who married her first boyfriend, who made her own wedding dress, and whose life story deserves to be remembered.

It was amazing to see the students really engage with these messages, with a few future nurses even waiting to have a conversation with Tommy afterwards. They very kindly made the following pledges for us to read below.


Team DCV


I pledge to always listen to what matters to others (and take the time to)
Natalie Gray – Carer, Whitelaw recruitment.


I pledge to always get to know the person and find out about their life before dementia. Take their families views/opinion into account. Ask the two questions.  Never forget they are an individual.  They`re a person… Not part of a system.
Johanna Hunter – West Lothian College


I pledge to always ask who matters to take time to know the person as a person, get to know their story and try to keep that story going until the end. Always use my heart when doing my job and remember of my own family and the love we all share.
Claire Barbour – Carer


I pledge to always uphold others dignity by showing kindness, respect and compassion.


I pledge to be caring and respectful for the full time I am in the caring sector. To make sure dignity is always a main part when caring from someone.


I want to pledge that on every day I go into placement I will keep the questions “who/what matters to you” at the front of my mind, to help me have a better understanding of what matters to my residents. I hope this will help me to make a difference.


I pledge to make sure that if my mum or dad or any close member of family needs me to care for them or even just be there for them that I’m like they are there for me today and make sure we are always together.


I pledge to spend more time outside with my son and the rest of my family.


I pledge to keep caring more about the people in my care than what staff think of me. I will always speak up for vulnerable people if something isn’t right.


I want to pledge to be a better carer, daughter, mother, wife, friend on a daily basis. Being able to make a difference is something immensely important to me.


I pledge to ensure I converse with all patients even if it’s a small amount of time and ensure they know I’m there.
Lauren Hoggan – Nursing Assistant/Student


I pledge to always follow through on my promises and make more time for parents and grandparents.


My pledge is to spend more time with my parents like even pop in for a cup of tea once a week.
Diana Brookhouse – West Lothian College


I pledge to always spend time talking and listening – interacting with the clients, finding out how to help and finding an idea or way to improve.


I pledge to make a difference.


I pledge to always treat every person I care for as an individual and find out what is important to them and to always remember the reasons I wanted to be a nurse.


I will never forget, even when the people I care for so, who they are and what matters to them, LOVE ALWAYS WINS! Set the standards high.