West Lothian College Pledge to Make a Difference

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West Lothian College invites UK Lead, Tommy Whitelaw, to speak to Health and Social Care students and staff.

Many thanks to a great supporter of our project Marion Darling, from West Lothian College, for inviting our UK Lead, Tommy, to speak to Health and Social Care Students and staff over two talks on 6 September.

Tommy had the great pleasure of speaking to students before with Marion a couple of years back when the students made an incredible pledge wall. The wall had been designed to be used to support fulfilling the pledges and for reflecting on after placements.

We are honoured to be invited back to meet more students and as always inspired by the passion, dedication and care.  Take a few moments to read all the fantastic pledges below and our new Dementia Carer Voices Publication on the analysis of 6,000 pledges.

Thanks Team DCV 🙂



My pledge is to be the best nurse I can possibly be.


My pledge is to do my best to take care of everyone I meet in whatever way I am able to.


I pledge to listen to what matters, and work my care around that. To care yesterday today and come back and do it again tomorrow.


My pledge is to go back to the care sector to be a nurse, I worked as a carer for 16 years and left to work in the beauty field. I made the decision to work with people that NEED care than people that want it.


I pledge that every day I will take time to dedicate to caring for others. That for as long as I can I will make sure to ask how people are and if there is anything I can do to help.
Rebekah Strachan – West Lothian College.


I pledge that I will always listen and care for others, I will always try my best to be their when others need it.
Melanie Baird – West Lothian College.


I pledge to always show kindness and love. I will always try to make someone feel more confident every day.


I pledge to always put others first and don’t walk by something without making a difference.


I pledge to always listen to others and show kindness.


I pledge to continue to visit my patients who are lonely and encourage them to fulfil their potential and listen to their stories. Their past teaches us how to be better human beings.
Lindsay McMaster – Tippethill Hospital, Volunteer.


My pledge is to treat everyone I care for with the same respect love and care I would give my own loved ones.
Julie Murray – Student Nurse.


My pledge is to encourage and support my fellow students each and every day. I will remind them of their worth and of the difference they will one day make to a service user and family. I will remind them they are great, loved and special.
Kerri McKee – Student.


I pledge to be more vigilant to people around me, who may be lonely, need a smile or a friend. I promise to work hard with fellow students to make a positive difference in care.
Leanne Riley – Student.


I pledge to listen and show compassion when those what are vulnerable require it.


My pledge is to learn as much as I can at college and go on to make a difference. I will ask more questions e.g. how are you, are you ok and make people feel able to talk and open up. Be a shoulder for someone.  Jacqueline – West Lothian College.


I pledge to start putting people first and be there for others.


My pledge is to help as many people as I can to the best of my ability to be a person of support and try get to know something about everyone and keep who they are alive for as long as I can.


My pledge is to one day help people who can no longer look after themselves.


I pledge to always remember why I am doing this and who I am doing it for. Everyone matters.


I pledge to take time for the small things that matter in a huge way.



My pledge is to give my whole heart and dedication to the people I care for. Take pride in the role I play in m caring position.
Louise Morrison – West Lothian College.


I pledge to make each day better than the one before the people who matter.
Gemma Paxton – Full time mum/student/carer.


My pledge is to keep being kind and caring and to keep making people smile and happy.
Laura-Jayne McWhir – Student.


My pledge is too make a person with a terminal illness or illness feel like as person and special and not just someone who is dying or ill. Make them feel like a person, make the laugh smile and feel like themselves even if it’s just for a while. Give them dignity and respect, make them smile.


I pledge to help someone smile and not feel alone even for a few minutes whenever I can.
Clare Roberts – Student.


I pledge to help and support and make an impact on the service users lives that I meet in the future and make a difference to at least one person/family.
Shauna Thompson – Social Care Student.


I pledge to give others the care and support they need and to not judge or dismiss them. No matter what. To make sure they get what they need, even if it’s a caring ear.
Alannah Salmond – Student.


I pledge to try to put a smile on someone’s face every day.


My pledge is to help people feel loved and care for to the best of my ability.


I pledge to keep looking after people around me who need that little bit of help. To listen, be kind, love and cherish every moment with people who need a little help.
Catherine McGinney – Support Worker.


My pledge is to make a difference to people’s lives, to be that kind and loving ear, and to remember to ask what matters in they`re life.
Debbie Matenga – Access to Nursing Student.


I pledge to unselflessly help more strangers. Take opportunity to be kind to strangers and share and pass on knowledge of dementia.
Sam Cowie – Health and Social Care Student.


My pledge is to continue to support every individual in every way possible in a respectful and dignified manner whilst also being compassionate towards every individual.
Emma McLeary – West Lothian College.


My pledge is to help and support individuals with learning and disabilities. To five them and their family all my love and support to help them achieve their potential and fulfil their lives.
Kirsty Gray – Carer.


I pledge to be the best nurse I can be. Support and care for everyone I meet who make me want to be a nurse.


My pledge is to always try my best to take the time and listen to others and find out about them and their lives.
Margaret Greenshields – Access to Nursing.


My pledge is to care for others the way I would like to be treated myself. Also, to listen.
Alishia Kerr – Careworker.


My pledge is to always care for others and to look after myself to be able to give the care I know I can give. Donna Mathieson – Access to Nursing.


My pledge is to make a difference everyday to at least one person`s life for the rest of my life.
Angela Moffat.


My pledge is to always make people glad they met me.
Fiona Graham – Access to Nursing.


My pledge is to be there and care for anyone and make sure I make someone smile every day!
Emma Kay.


I pledge to do my job and care to the best that I can.
Vicky Stewart – Care Assistant.


My pledge is to make the lives of other people the best it can be.
Louise Gavin.


My pledge to be the best I can be. Make everyone feel valued, supported and important.
Jordan McCullough – Care Support Worker NHS.


I pledge to become that someone.
Natalie Bang.


I pledge to always deliver care the best way for the service users individual interests and needs.
Robyn Gray – Care Assistant.


My pledge is to always listen and remember everyone has their own story. I will do everything with kindness and compassion.
Laura Hogg – Student West Lothian College.


I pledge to treat everyone as an individual to always listen first and make it my aim that everyone should feel able to keep their independence with the right help.


I pledge to reach out to people and to always listen with an open and caring heart.


My pledge is to ensure I make people feel that they are special, that we do care as if they were part of a big family. Also to listen to their life story as it could be the best story I ever hear.


I pledge to love, listen and give my time. I will go above and beyond to care. Make every person I meet feel better.


I pledge to listen to the person as an individual.


My pledge is to look after the people I care for the same way I would treat my loved ones.
Rachel Park – Student.


My pledge is to my dad who has final stages Alzheimer’s. I pledge to become a mental health nurse and to help people just like him.


I pledge to always treat people as people, not an illness.


I pledge to never judge, always understand and respect.
Melissa Carr – Nursing Assistant.


I pledge to always take 5 minutes to ask how someone is and to be the best nurse possible to give others hope.
Amy Samson – Student.


My pledge is to become a staff nurse and make a change in my patients life.