York Teaching Hospital Conference Delegates Pledge to Make a Difference

Type: Pledge

York Teaching Hospital NHS Trust invites Dementia Carer Voices to speak at their Nursing and Midwifery conference.

Thanks to Becky Hoskins, Assistant Director of Nursing, Beverly Geary, Chief Nurse, Patrick Crowley and colleagues at York Teaching Hospital NHS Trust for inviting our UK Lead, Tommy to speak at their Nursing and Midwifery conference on 3 October.

The theme of the conference was #caringwithpride along with the launch of the trusts new strategy.

We were honoured to be invited to take part and share our make a difference campaign and work with the framework (This link will take you away from our website) for nursing midwifery and care staff.

Tommy was joined by Stacey McCann, Head of Nursing and Strategy and Kate Taylor, LCAV Project Lead for NHS England who shared the framework with delegates who attended.


We are really looking forward to returning to the trust for a series of talks and to help launch pledge trees.

Thank you for a wonderful conference and for the pledges below staff shared with Tommy on the day.



I pledge to spend more time “listening” to my mother and other residents in the care home (dementia).
Liz Ross – Head of Midwifery York


I pledge to not walk on by and condone something that doesn’t feel right.
Nichola Greenwood – Nursing Workforce Projects Manager


I pledge not to give up when I feel like giving up.
Helen Snowdon – Trainee Nursing Associate


I pledge to champion the work of Dementia Carer Voices in every area of our organisation.
Chief Nurse York Teaching Hospital


My pledge is to never forget the person behind the dementia.
Susan Jackson – Labour Ward Manager – York Trust


I pledge to listen to everyone’s story.
Hanna Harness – Midwife York


I pledge to carry love and kindness in my heart and never let this be compromised by external factors.
Cally Goodwin – Trainee Nursing Associate.


I pledge to listen more and challenge the language used to “describe” our patients.
Kelly Tuck – Stoke CNS


I pledge to spend more time getting to know all of my patients.
Bethany Frees – Staff Nurse


I pledge to recognise each patient for who they truly are and to remember the feelings of their family/loved ones.
Estelle Thompson – HCA SGH (York Trust)


I pledge to allow extra time to listen and learn 1 interesting fact about my patients.
Chloe Mason – Staff Nurse (Scarbough Hospital)


I pledge to take the time to listen to patients and families and pass all the knowledge I have about the individual to everyone who cares for them alongside me.
Vanessa Cole – HCA York Trust


I pledge to always ask what matters to my patient and cares and spread what I have learnt today with my word.
Caroline Noble – Deputy Sister York Hospital


I pledge to always read beyond the lines when a patient with dementia tells me they are okay because I can help them no matter how small.
Courtney Swan – Staff Nurse


I pledge to care for patients the way I would want my dad cared for and their relatives.


I pledge to find out about what it is that make each individual child happy and endeavour to provide this by whatever means possible.
School Health Nurse


I pledge to never lose sight of the person I care for. Patients are people first.
Linda Dennis – Junior Sister


I pledge to take more time to listen to people and find time to talk about what they like.
Elizabeth Mathew – Sister


I pledge to treat everybody I cross paths with, with the care and compassion I would expect myself.
Claire Donley – Trainee Nursing Associate York Trust


I pledge to ask patients coming for their chemotherapy pre- assessment/ info session. “What matters to them”. Make it individual and patient centred really learn who the patient is.
Lizzie Walker – Lead Chemo Nurse


I pledge to transfer the pelage to my place of work in cancer care, and make sure I find out what matters most t people facing life treating illness and death.
Cheryl Midgley – Chemotherapy Sister


I pledge to find out someone’s story and help give them a happy ending.
Jasmin Richardson – Generic Support Worker


I will always remember the person and keep reminding others to do so.


I pledge to come home every day thinking and knowing I did the best job I could.
Rebecca Sanderson – Trainee Nursing Associate, York Teaching Trust


Professional pledge – To empower patients and families to remember who they are. Personal pledge – To empower my Grandad to be the man he always has been (my hero).
Lauren Blanchard – Trainee Nursing Associate


I pledge to always ask people/patients what they prefer to be addressed as, whether that is first name or Mr/Mrs.
Cassie Halpin – Staff Nurse, York NHS Scarborough


Build supporting patients with dementia to help with medicines compliance into my preceptorship training.
Jennie Booth – Lead Nurse Medicines Management/York


I pledge to take time to find out about my patient and their families/relatives even during busy/unpredictable day, ensuring they feel valued, cared for and safe.
Abigail Kennedy – Deputy Sister/Maple Ward


My pledge is to make a difference to terminology used towards these people within teams in our trust.
Pauline Guyan – Matron – York Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


I pledge to ensure all teams start to make pledge about how they are going to ask patients what matters to you and who matters to you.
Emma George – Assistant director of nursing


I pledge to encourage my team to use the ALL about me documents.
Cath Carter – Senior Sister


I pledge to support student nurse to take time to find out about their patient and their carers.
Amanda Hollrocks – Practice Education Team Lead


I pledge to engrain the practice in my team’s daily work of asking what matters to you and listening/responding to the answers.
Carey Trenchard – Community Team Leader York Trust


As a manager I don’t spend as much time with patients as I did as a front-line clinician. My pledge is to spend more time talking to patents on my ward about what matters to them.
Sarah King – Operational Manager, Community Nursing


I pledge to make a difference, help to understand my patient and their needs.
Amanda Cussans – Trainee Nursing Associate, York


I pledge to make our ward more dementia friendly by making a box of various items that could be used for distraction/occupying. Invite cares to put items in.
Rachel Allan – Sister, ward 28 York Hospital


I want to be that district nurse, I want to make a positive difference to my patients, just like your District Nurse did.
Samantha Williams – Trainee Nurse Associate, York Trust


I pledge to keep on chatting, asking questions and finding out what I can do to make a difference to the life if my patients.
Debbie Clark – HCA York Hospital ward 26