The ALLIANCE hosted themed engagement sessions with the Chair of the Independent Review of Adult Social Care in Scotland.

Between 30 September and 11 November 2020 we delivered a range of national conversation style events to capture insight from organisations and people who access social care services, to help shape and inform the  Independent Review of Adult Social Care in Scotland.

For each of our engagement sessions we produced a short synopsis of the meeting and the key points raised.

Themed Events and Reports 

  1. Carers/ Unpaid Carers
  2. Learning Disabilities
  3. Mental Health
  4. Lived Experience- Learning Disability
  5. Neurological Conditions
  6. Sensory Impairment
  7.  Transitions
  8. Scottish Dementia Working Group
  9. Ageing and Frailty
  10. Housing
  11. Lived Experience- Mental Health
  12. Seldom Heard Voices
  13. National Dementia Carers Action Network
  14.  Open Call Engagement Event

The Review report (this link will take you away from our website) was published on 3 February 2021. The ALLIANCE hosted a post launch engagement event with Derek Feeley on 4 February 2021- the discussions, feedback and questions raised during this engagement event are covered within our Post Launch Engagement Session Report.

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