As Scotland looks ahead to the proposed new National Care Service, the ALLIANCE will investigate some of the key issues in social care.

Following the recommendations of the Independent Review of Adult Social Care, the Scottish Government have committed to introducing a National Care Service. This will be one of the biggest public service reforms undertaken in Scotland, and if done right has the potential to be transformative for disabled people, people living with long term conditions, and unpaid carers.

Throughout this period, the ALLIANCE will be looking at the detail of the key issues in social care, and what action is necessary to deliver that transformational change in our Future of Social Care project. Through a series of Opinions and ALLIANCE Live interviews with our members, people with lived experience, and other experts, we aim to shine a light on the key considerations for the National Care Service in an accessible, engaging format.

NCS Opinion series 2022

This part of the Future of Social Care series follows the close of the initial consultation on the National Care Service in late 2021, but before the Scottish Government have brought forward the resulting legislation (expected June 2022). We have compiled Opinions from partners across the third and independent sectors into an anthology, Challenge and change: the future of social care in Scotland.

NCS Opinion series 2021

The 14 Opinions from the pre-consultation series have been collated into an overall Future of Social Care Report available here. This report fed into the ALLIANCE’s response to the National Care Service consultation, and was shared with all Members of the Scottish Parliament.

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