The ALLIANCE is working with the Scottish Government to create opportunities for women to engage with the Women’s Health Plan 2021-2024.

The ALLIANCE hopes to provide opportunities for positive conversations about women’s health across communities, and support women to have access to comprehensive resources.

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NHS Inform Women’s Health platform

NHS inform has lots of resources to help you at all stages of life. The women’s health platform can support you whether you’re looking for advice, information, local support, or ideas for improving your wellbeing.

ALLIANCE Women’s Health leaflet

Find out about our varied programme of work to support the Women’s Health Plan, including events, engagement opportunities, information and content. Please feel free to share with your colleagues, friends, communities and groups.

Conversation Cafe toolkit – in support of the Women’s Health Plan

This toolkit brings together resources, recommendations and guidance on hosting independent Conversation Cafes to encourage information sharing and peer support on areas of women’s health. The Conversation Cafés can act as platforms for debunking myths and dispelling shame and stigma that may surround many health conditions and experiences. Conversation Cafés can provide a space for connection, tackle isolation and make women feel valued.

Menopause 101 video

In this short clip Dr Kay McAllister, Consultant Gynaecologist in Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare at NHS GGC Sandyford, provides an overview of the Menopause. Dr McAllister answers common questions on the Menopause – including when and why it happens, main symptoms, treatment options and where to get information.

Menopause and the Workplace Resource Pack

The symptoms of menopause can have a real and detrimental impact on women, and those who experience menopause, in the workplace. It is important that they are offered workplace support – as well as line managers and employers so that they are able to provide it. It is hoped that these resources can highlight the experiences of menopausal transition in the workplace, as well as providing clear steps for employers to follow to support their employees.

Menopause: A Visual resource

The ALLIANCE’s visual resource for menopause, published in partnership with the Scottish Government, provides insight into the diversity of menopausal experience to support women to feel better informed and confident in raising their experience with friends, family, partners, colleagues and GPs.

This publication brings together three graphic resources that were produced to summarise the discussions of webinars on menopause.

Periods are normal, but what is a normal period? Supporting information leaflet

This document pulls together key information on understanding ‘normal’ vs abnormal periods, when to seek support, and key resources. It also includes a checklist for going to the doctor with a menstrual health concern, and a tracking calendar. These can be printed and filled in at home. This version features clickable links for online viewing, a version with links outlined in full (for print distribution) is available here.

PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) Mythbusting Resource Pack

PCOS is a common, and a commonly misunderstood, condition. Therefore to support better awareness the ALLIANCE has produced a number of resources with the Scottish Government, and the University of Edinburgh’s PCOS expert, Professor Colin Duncan. This includes an information leaflet which debunks some common myths, and answers some FAQs.

ALLIANCE Live content

Listen into our dedicated digital content series exploring women’s health, including:

PCOS journey and support with PCOS relief

Action on Endometriosis with Endometriosis UK

Menopause and the Workplace, webinar recording

Menopause and Sexual Wellbeing, webinar recording

Periods are normal – but what is a normal period? webinar recording

Understanding Endometriosis, webinar recording

A fibroids journey

PCOS Mythbusting , webinar recording

Talking Menopause on World Menopause Day 2023, webinar recording

Women’s Health Survey report

This report covers the results of the Women’s Health Survey held by the ALLIANCE in August 2020.

Women’s Health Event report

Report of findings from events held in January 2021 to gather women’s lived experiences of accessing healthcare in Scotland.

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