A description of what the Getting to Know GIRFEC team do to raise awareness

What will we be doing to raise awareness?

  •  GIRFEC Information sessions for Children and Young People
    These sessions will increase children and young people’s understanding of what GIRFEC should mean for them in practice and will help build participants capacity and confidence to use GIRFEC as a tool to help access the support they need.
  •  GIRFEC Information sessions for Parents and Carers
    These sessions will be to build awareness of the GIRFEC approach so that parents will be more empowered to access and influence the support their child or young person needs to achieve their desired outcomes.
  • GIRFEC ‘Training for Trainers’ Workshops
    A package has been developed to be used by others working in this field who wish to deliver GIRFEC information sessions themselves. ‘Training for Trainers’ sessions will be aimed towards third sector organisations working directly with children, young people and parents and towards Community Planning Partnerships.

Events arranged through local Third Sector Interfaces (TSIs)
If you are a TSI and would like to organise GIRFEC training, please get in touch.

If you would like bespoke training at your organisation, please email GIRFEC@alliance-scotland.org.uk