The ALLIANCE, in Partnership with Scottish Government, published a report: "Experiences of Transitions to Adult Years and Adult Services"

This qualitative study about transitions to adult years and services was commissioned by Scottish Government and completed by the Health and Social Care Alliance between July 2016 and March 2017. The study is based upon the experience of some 30 individuals and families for whom the transition paths to adult years and services has been impacted by a broad spectrum of complex and interacting disabilities.

Mark McDonald MSP,  Minister for Childcare and Early Years, launched the report on 24 May 2017. In his Forward to the report he said that the Scottish Government will consider in detail how to take forward the report recommendations.

These recommendations cover areas such as:

  • The central place of the national Wellbeing indicators
  • Principles of Good Transitions 3
  • Information for children, young people and families
  • Training
  • Outreach
  • Co-ordination and Point of Contact
  • Structures
  • Planning in Partnership: Family Group Decision Making
  • Resourcing of respite and short breaks

Ronnie Hill,  Associate Director for Children, Young People and Families at the ALLIANCE has said:

“Supporting disabled children, young people and their families through this period of profound change is a matter of fairness and inclusion. Offering and sustaining the right support to young people and their families throughout this process is about ensuring social justice and upholding people’s rights.

The resilience, creativity and tenacity of families is the bright light in this report as they strive over the years to ensure disabled young people navigate change and reach their potential in adulthood. The report sets out examples of great practice and support which has assisted young people and families through this change. It also highlights tensions, frustrations and dilemmas which need to be resolved.

This is a report about hope. We know that there are practical steps that can be taken by statutory services and third sector partners, working with families, to make improvements to the support offered. The recommendations set out in this report are based on what families and practitioners have told us about what works well and about how improvements can be made.”

Read the Summary and Recommendations (PDF – this link will take you away from this page)

Read the Experiences of Transitions to Adult Years and Adult Services report in full (PDF – this link will take you away from this page)