To join the ALLIANCE board you must be a standard member of the ALLIANCE; the exception being if you are co-opted to the board due to your s

When you volunteer to join the ALLIANCE board we will require some basic information from you including your name, membership number, position, organisation you work for, correspondence address and a short biography.

You will need to be nominated by someone within your organisation and we will therefore have to collect their name and position within your organisation. This does not apply to co-opted board members.

If you are successful we will require to know your title, forename(s), surname, former name(s), country of residence, nationality, date of birth, business occupation, service address, residential address and role at ALLIANCE. This information is required by Companies House.

Companies House will make public your name (former names), date of appointment, country of residence, nationality, date of birth, role and service address and, once you resign, your date of resignation.

The ALLIANCE will post your name and organisation on our website together with whether you are an office bearer and a co-opted board member.

We are required to keep a register of directors which your details will remain on for the duration of your tenure and then for 10 years further tax years following your resignation date.