The ALLIANCE has Community Links Practitioner in various locations in Glasgow.

These practitioners are employed by the ALLIANCE and are based in GP surgeries across Glasgow.

To perform their role, the Community Links Practitioner have access to medical records and are bound by data protection law and confidentiality agreements.

The CLP may keep the individuals’ telephone numbers on their mobile phone, identifiable by initials only. There may be some personal information shared via text messages e.g. appointment information, and this information will be deleted as soon as no longer required. The mobile phones are encrypted and password protected and are not shared with anyone else. These are set to wipe information from the phones after 10 incorrect access attempts.

The GP practices via the CLPs, provide the ALLIANCE with the following information for monitoring and evaluation purposes:

• Practice code
• Gender
• Referral route
• Programme ID e.g. P1000. This is a unique code that is attached to each programme participant. It is a code that is used only by the programme and only the CLP working with the individual is able to identify them from this code.
• Referral reason

This is kept permanently as statistical information and shared with Scottish Government, NHS and others via reports.