The ‘Opinion’ feature is an opportunity for ALLIANCE members and partners to write blogs on topics that are important to them.

Drafting process

  • The author’s draft blog will be reviewed by a member of the ALLIANCE team to ensure that the content is appropriate for publication on our website. If necessary, they will work with the author to suggest edits
  • The author will have final approval of the blog text before it is published
  • In the event that agreement between the ALLIANCE and the author in relation to suggested edits cannot be reached, the ALLIANCE reserves the right not to publish the blog on our website

What information will be collected?

  • As well as the text of the blog itself, the author’s name and email address (or preferred contact details) in order to contact them as part of the drafting process
  • The author’s job title and organisation in order to correctly attribute the piece to them (where desired)
  • An image of the author, if provided
  • This information will be held by the ALLIANCE for 6 years before being deleted from our system

What information will be published?

  • In addition to the blog text, the ALLIANCE website has the functionality to display; the author’s name, job title, organisation, and image
  • The author will be asked to indicate which pieces of this information (if any) they would like to accompany the blog text. The ALLIANCE can publish the blog without attribution to the author if requested

Where will my blog be published?

  • The blog will be published on the ‘Opinion’ section of the ALLIANCE website
  • It may be included as a listing in the ALLIANCE’s members e-bulletin
  • It will be promoted through the ALLIANCE’s social media channels
  • The content will therefore be publicly accessible and other organisations or individuals outside of the ALLIANCE may choose to share it through their own communication channels

How long will it remain published for?

  • The blog will remain published on the ALLIANCE website permanently
  • The ALLIANCE will remove the blog from our website should we receive a request from the author to do so. Once published, however, the ALLIANCE will have no control over any third party who has already read, shared or printed the information