The ALLIANCE may take photographs at events and workshops or for case studies, publications,

website, social media, promotion or marketing purposes both printed and online.

If we are taking your photograph as part of a case study or campaign then we will require to have your explicit written consent prior to taking the shots.

If we are taking photos for a legitimate business reason e.g. as part of a large event, such as a conference or awards ceremony, and you do not wish to be photographed you will be advised in advance to notify the ALLIANCE that you do not want to be photographed. You may also notify the ALLIANCE and photographer on the day of the activity, if you do not want to be photographed. The ALLIANCE will ensure notification is openly displayed at any such event.

You may notify us at any point if you wish us to stop using your image, in which case it will not be used in any future publications but will continue to appear in publications and social media channels already in circulation.

The ALLIANCE will retain photographs for a maximum of 1 year unless they are published and then these will be kept permanently.