Self management awards are given to individuals and organisations.

If you consent to being nominated for a self management award, the ALLIANCE will require that an application form be completed providing the name of the person submitting the nomination, their job title and organisation, and contact email and phone number. The ALLIANCE will also require the name of the nominee, their locality, their name as it should appear on the certificate and their contact details together with a short story describing why this person/organisation should receive an award and how they have made an impact on self management.

If an individual is nominated for an award the ALLIANCE will follow up with the individual to ensure that they have consented before publishing their information.

The application will be shared with the judging panel, who may comprise of former winners, Scottish Government representatives, representatives of member organisations and ALLIANCE partners who will be bound by data protection legislation.

The ALLIANCE will share the names of those nominated together with the short story on the ALLIANCE website and share via social media.

Shortlisted candidates and winners will have their names read out at the ALLIANCE awards ceremony including some information about them. Winners will be widely promoted.

Published information will be kept permanently.