If you apply for a grant via the self management fund the ALLIANCE

will collect and process the name and address of the organisation, the name of the employee who will act as the main contact and their telephone number and e-mail address.  This information will be used to perform due diligence whilst administering the fund, to contact you to support your application and to notify you whether you have been successful.

Whilst in most cases this information will relate to a business address, the ALLIANCE appreciates that some smaller organisations may use a home office and therefore the information collected will be an individual’s home address and contact details.

The information will be collected on the application form for the Fund which will either be submitted via email to fund@alliance-scotland.org.uk or by post to the ALLIANCE head office.

Grant applications are considered by a Grant Allocation Panel (GAP) that comprises external individuals.  The GAP will be sent the proposed budget and project plan sections of the application forms; none of the personal data will be shared with them.

The names funded organisations together with sums received will be published on the ALLIANCE and Scottish Government websites and shared in reports and on other social media channels.

The ALLIANCE do not require case studies to be provided in monitoring and evaluation reports submitted by funded organisations.  If a funded organisation should choose to include a case study with their report, if there is any identifiable personal information provided in the case study, the funded organisation is responsible for ensuring their compliance with GDPR and Data Protection Act by ensuring that they have obtained informed consent from the individual(s) highlighted.

The ALLIANCE stores monitoring reports on their secure drives and server and does not share this information further without obtaining further consent from the funded organisation and any individuals highlighted in case studies.

The ALLIANCE will keep the grant information for the duration of your grant and then for 6 years thereafter to comply with legislation.  Unsuccessful applications will be kept for one year after the completion of the grant process.

There may be some occasions where the ALLIANCE will approach funded organisations to create and obtain case studies for other use such as informing policy or for highlighting the impact of the Fund, in these instances the ALLIANCE will adhere to the case study procedure as detailed under ‘Participants in focus groups/research/campaigns’ in this policy.

For those organisations funded in whole, or in part, by the William Grant Foundation, project plans and requested grant amounts of application organisations and successful organisations, and grant award amounts will be shared with William Grant Foundation.  In addition, William Grant Foundation will also be kept apprised of key learning and information from all funded projects and invited to events with all funded organisations where appropriate.