The Self Management Awards 2021 are open for nominations from 21 April - 28 June.

The Self Management Awards were launched on 21 April with a networking session for Self Management Network Scotland Members. This year, there are 7 categories, you can browse these below.

If you are interested in learning more about the nomination process,  watch our ALLIANCE Live video about how to submit a good nomination (this link will take you away from our website).

Nominations for this year’s awards are now closed.

Self Management Project of the Year

This award will be open to the public for voting once judges have finalised the shortlist.

This award aims to highlight the success of any self management project being delivered in Scotland.  This award demonstrates the difference such projects are making to improve people’s lives and building self management capacity. If your project has made an impact to individuals, groups or communities then this is a great way to have it recognised and celebrated alongside the people who made it happen. This award will also recognise projects working in partnership.

 Self Management Resource of the Year

This award recognises the resources (on and offline) which really add value to the lives of individuals, enable staff working in health and social care to deliver services more effectively and provide invaluable information, support and advice on self management.

Previous winners have included a Flare Card for people living with Crohn’s and Colitis to help them recognise flare symptoms and seek appropriate support, South Ayrshire Life – a one-stop shop (both physically and on line) for all things self management, and CARED – a website for parents and carers supporting someone under 25 recently diagnosed with an eating disorder.

Self Management Champion of the Year

This award will celebrate people who are helping encourage and inspire others to self manage and spread the self management message. Who do you know that encourages individuals to embrace self management? Who has championed ideas that add value to your work or life and encouraged self management? Do they campaign in a way that raises the profile of self management as key role in recovery journeys?

This award is open to everyone including staff working in health and social care, third sector, volunteers and community members.

Individual Transformational Story of the Year

In partnership with Humans of Scotland, this award recognises an exceptional person who has made positive change to their life by taking a self management approach and living their life better, on their terms.

Can you, or the individual you are nominating, demonstrate the transformation that has resulted from using self management? Will their story inspire others?  This award is open to everyone.

Last year’s winner Lindsay Steven talks about his journey with chronic pain and finding self management in his Humans of Scotland interview and the other shortlisted nominees last year Linda and Megan shared their stories as well.  In the run up to the Award Ceremony last year we talked with the three shortlisted nominees for this category about their journeys and what it meant to be nominated for an award in an ALLIANCE Live podcast.

 Digital Innovator Self Management Award

In partnership with ‘Discover Digital’, Scotland’s first public-facing initiative to discuss how technology can help us live better and healthier.

During a year in which all of our lives have by necessity adopted a far more digital lens, what has stood out as real innovation in the use of digital technology?

This award is for individuals or organisations who have found innovative ways of helping people self manage using digital technology. The innovation element can be associated with finding new ways of working digitally, reaching out to new audiences through digital media or the use of new technology for self management.

Employability Self Management Award

In partnership with SUSE (this link will take you away from our website) this award is an opportunity to celebrate the values of self management within employability, showcasing how it contributes to furthering employment aspirations of disabled people, people living with long term conditions and unpaid carers.

Effective self management allows an individual to become an active participant in achieving their employability goals, and this award  celebrates the successes of this whether it be in the form of an individual’s journey, project design, effective service delivery or an innovative approach to delivering supported employment.

This award is open to individuals, employers, employment service providers and stakeholders.

Self Management in the Community Award

In partnership with HIS Community Engagement (this link will take you away from our website). Self management is about working in partnership with services that can support individuals to be in the driving seat and have a meaningful role in decisions affecting them. This award is an opportunity to highlight projects, local communities or individuals who have worked together to create improvements or enhancements that support people to live well within their community.

This could be initiatives or activities that encourage community empowerment, grow community capacity, or have encouraged local communities to adopt self management approaches.

This award is open to individuals, public libraries, local groups, organisations, projects and people working across health, social care and the third sector.

Anam Cara, 2020 winner of this category, delivered self management workshops to women experiencing poor emotional wellbeing in both Midlothian and East Lothian, and enabled a far wider network of support than themselves alone, with their key aim of linking with other organisations in these areas