Development of a peer support network aimed to support and empower people with M.E. and their unpaid carers in Scotland.

By the development of a strong, sustainable peer mentoring network, Action for M.E.’s Mentor M.E.: Peer Support Network project aimed to support and empower people with M.E. and their unpaid carers living in Scotland to manage their condition effectively, in line with individual circumstances and whilst living their lives as fully as possible.

During the five year project period, Action for M.E. developed and delivered tailored skills development sessions for volunteer mentors and continued supporting them throughout the project so that they felt supported in making a positive contribution while gaining confidence in their role. By developing a mentorship programme, mentees acquired increased self management capacity and confidence, and decreased their feelings of being isolated.

The learning that resulted from the mentor programme has been widely shared by Action for M.E. across Scotland and has provided support for organisations and individuals interested in peer mentoring. In addition, the information acquired through the project allowed the organisation to further raise awareness, ensuring that such learning feeds into and positively influences policy and services both locally and nationally.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Action for M.E. adapted to the changing circumstances and have moved their mentoring programme online which continued with great success, even more so as the virtual world allowed mentors to reach mentees further afield. Additionally, the organisation continued supporting all local M.E. support groups and provided, amongst other things, workshops and online facilities to support their work.


Guide (this link will take you away from our site): the learning from the project, along with tools, resources and templates that mentors and mentees found useful, have been brought together. This guide is suitable for anyone considering facilitating peer mentoring for people living with or caring for someone with a chronic fluctuating and/or energy limiting health condition.

Useful resources (this link will take you away from our website) include:

  • Young people
  • Welfare benefits
  • Resources for professionals
  • Campaign and survey reports
  • Fundraising and M.E. awareness
  • Strategies and accounts
  • InterAction magazine
  • Stories: M.E. and me

A case study from one of the volunteer peer mentors from the Mentor M.E. project can be found further below.

This summary is by no means exhaustive of all the fantastic self management engagements and projects Action for M.E. undertook during their five years of funding. You can find more detailed information on their work by visiting their website (this link will take you away from our website).

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