MS Centre Mid Argyll received funding for a five year project to enhance and develop their outreach and community development.

Multiple Sclerosis Centre Mid Argyll received five year funding to work towards becoming a Centre of Excellence in long term condition self management, to link in with digital portals and health and wellbeing resources, to enhance connectivity with people to their communities and services, to support people to live independently by offering telehealth services, boosting self esteem, understanding of their condition, establishing peer support, and to break down remaining barriers to improve integrated working with health and social care and potential future partners in Kintyre.

By listening to each individual and learning about their interests, aspirations and skills, MS Centre Mid Argyll worked with and supported people to not only help themselves and self manage their long term conditions but encourage them to use their gifts to help others. By working in this individualised, people centred way, the organisation supported, and supports to date, many members of the community to achieve outcomes which increase their sense of emotional and physical health and wellbeing. Individuals had the choice of getting involved in community events, Thai Chi, yoga and pilates classes, as well as in self management workshops and in a huge variety of therapy sessions. In addition to in-person engagements, the organisation offered web based physiotherapy through which the project reached people in some of the most rural areas of Scotland. MS Centre Mid Argyll was awarded the PQASSO Quality Standards Mark in May 2018.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the organisation worked hard to quickly upskill digitally to offer extra support to their members and for the wider community. The main focus remained the promotion of good physical and mental health by keeping people active, connected and socially included. By creating digital platforms, MS Centre Mid Argyll supported both existing members and the wider community newly needing help in self isolating, being furloughed, living alone or struggling on a reduced income. The peer support/friendship groups have moved to be delivered virtually and, if preferred, by daily text messages. Physical exercise sessions continued online and weekly community engagement activities kept people connected. The organisation also delivered soups, essentials and prescriptions to vulnerable members of the community.

This summary is by no means exhaustive of all the fantastic self management engagements and projects Multiple Sclerosis Centre Mid Argyll undertook during their five years of funding. You can find more detailed information of their work by clicking here (this link will take you away from our website).

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