Networking Key Services (NKS) received funding to develop their support programme for South Asian Communities living in Edinburgh.

As part of their project, Networking Key Services (NKS) aimed to develop their previous self management project further with the hope to apply innovative ideas to tailor support for the South Asian Community in Edinburgh. To adopt a holistic approach, the 3 aspects NKS focused on was to build capacity among workers and volunteers, to provide 1-to-1 support for people with long term health conditions and to support carers.

During the five years the project received funding, NKS delivered a variety of programmes and individual support through which they assisted the South Asian Community to adopt self management into their everyday lives. From educational sessions focusing on for example dementia, Alzheimer’s, dental health or autism to exercising programmes such as yoga, outside walks or swimming, the organisation offered engagements to everyone from the Community. Additionally, NKS also offered advocacy and general support in everyday matters, such as for example arranging GP appointments or filling out forms and contacting services regarding income maximisation and other benefits.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, NKS successfully adapted their services to be available online and continued providing invaluable support not just for the South Asian Community, but for everyone living in and around Edinburgh and in need of help due to the pandemic. While continuing with their advocacy activities and a socially distanced 1-to-1 support work, NKS organised exercise and health sessions over Zoom, and delivered hot meals several times a week for those shielding or in isolation. The organisation was also very active in distributing information around COVID-19 through various channels to members of the Community while also supporting those less familiar with online technology to gain access to laptops and, therefore, to engagements such as yoga and informational sessions organised online by Networking Key Services.

This summary is by no means exhaustive of all the fantastic self management engagements and projects Networking Key Services undertook during their five years of funding. You can find more detailed information of their work by clicking here (this link will take you away from our website).

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