Self Management Fund (2018-2019)

Over three Learning Day events, the funded projects within the 2018 Working Together to Strengthen Integration round worked together to come up with the best advice they would give to any new self management projects starting out. These are:

  • Learn
    • One of the strongest themes that came through in the advice for new projects was to keep learning throughout the project – learn from what works and what doesn’t, learn from the people you work with, learn from colleagues and partner organisations.
    • When starting out, use the experience of partners to help you shape your plan, but make space in your plan to make changes as you learn and let the people guide you.
  • Be Flexible
    • Being flexible in your approach allows you to implement learning as you go along, correct mistakes and make improvements. If you allow for movement in ideas and direction then you can pivot effectively if needed. Allowing the project to develop organically can take it in the direction it is most needed.
  • Communicate
    • Take time to build relationships with partners, and make the most of their local expertise and knowledge to build a strong foundation for the project. Communicate with the people you work with, and trust the process of listening and responding to what people tell you they need.
  • Check Outcomes
    • Try new things and learn from what works and what doesn’t, review your objectives regularly to ensure that they are still fit for purpose and that your project is progressing suitably. You shouldn’t be afraid to acknowledge what is not working as this is part of the process of learning from it.
  • Take Time
    • Take your time to plan the project properly, but allow time for the project to develop organically – you cannot rush any part of it! Spend time building relationships with partners and grow at an achievable pace.

You can find reports related to this event along with other Self Management Fund learning towards the bottom of this page.

Self Management Fund funded projects regularly showcase their learning and impact through ALLIANCE Live Project Insights. These short, informative videos raise awareness, share good practice and distribute knowledge to strengthen good health and social care policy and practice across Scotland.

A full report on the learning days is available to download below.

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