Information about the Personal Outcomes approach to coproduction in Scotland.

Personal Outcomes

The importance of improving outcomes for people using services is now widely recognised across health and social care. In Scotland the Personal Outcomes Approach has been developed as a way of asking the person what matters to them. A Personal Outcomes Approach recognises the contribution of the person themselves and their own resources to achieving their outcomes, consistent with the principles of co-production

The Personal Outcomes and Quality Measures project published a series of five reports in 2013 entitled ‘We’ve Got To Talk About Outcomes’:

The Personal Outcomes approach:

  • focuses on what matters to the person in their life and why
  • builds on their strengths and capabilities
  • supports people and practitioners to have good outcomes focused conversations that create meaningful engagement
  • leads to enabling approaches to achieving outcomes and recovery in which the person, their family and support networks and all the professionals involved work together to achieve the outcomes.

The Personal Outcomes Partnership has developed a series of training opportunities around the approach. The training courses draw heavily on the Joint Improvement Team’s experience on delivering workshops on ‘Talking Points’, a Personal Outcomes Approach and Thistle Foundation’s experience in delivering training using outcomes approaches to support self management.

Members of the partnership team are working together to engage with  local teams and health and care partnerships to identify how to support the learning needs of front line practitioners and offer facilitation support to services to address the organisational and cultural factors which can hinder outcomes based practice.