Self Management Week 2024 will run from 23 - 26 September, with the theme of 'Journeys'

Self Management Week was first launched in 2010, building upon “Gaun Yersel” – the first Self Management Strategy for Scotland. The aim of the week is to bring people together and to share learning across the Self Management Network Scotland, the Self Management Fund projects and the wider ALLIANCE membership. 

During the Week, the ALLIANCE hosts and promotes a series of online and in-person events across Scotland, alongside publicity which showcases examples of good practice. Participation is free, inclusive and open to all.

Throughout July, August and September we will be running an awareness campaign on social media to raise the profile and improve understanding of self management. The theme this year is ‘Journeys’ and we hope to raise awareness of different self management journeys, highlighting the different paths self management can take people on towards achieving improved health and wellbeing, the different points individuals are at on their journey with self management, and how self management enables us to move forward in life. Look out for the weekly opinion pieces and short videos that will be posted on our website and social media platforms around this theme.

Get involved in Self Management Week.