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Shetland Community Connections is all about working innovatively with individuals who have some type of additional need.

About 800 people in Shetland receive social care support. This happens because they have an assessed need. Shetland Community Connections supports people:
– With the process of having their need assessed by the Council.
– With the process of deciding how to use the support – for example as a monetary payment or in kind
– When they encounter an obstacle to receiving and using the support in the way they would like. For example some people are restricted by the shortage of suitable toilets; others cannot access a key piece of equipment because the funding for it falls between two different pots of money.
People requesting or receiving social care support do not live in a vacuum – they live in the Shetland community, and need to enjoy as many connections as possible within that community. This is why we are called Shetland Community Connections.