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The Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice

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Provides free person-centred and family-focused palliative care and support

The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice provides free person-centred and family-focused palliative care and support.
Our specialist staff and wonderful volunteers are trained to work with individuals and families who are living with a life-limiting or terminal illness. In day care and on the wards, more than 1200 patients and families are cared for every year. Palliative care, provides support for the physical and emotional problems related to a life-limiting illness for patients and for those close to them. This is often at home, but could also be at an outpatient clinic, day unit, or as an inpatient. As well as controlling pain, hospice care applies a practical approach to meeting the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and carers facing progressive illness and bereavement.
With the focus firmly on quality of life, their care takes into consideration the patient’s past life experience and current situation, looks after patients and their families, and respects the patient’s choice, with an emphasis on open communication.
The patients they care for may have been diagnosed with a condition that will limit their life. It may be cancer, or another condition such as heart failure or lung disease. Hospice care is not only for older people, young family members need support too, and the team adapts their approach to suit the individual, whatever their age or cultural background. The aim of hospice care is to support people to live as well as possible for as long as possible. Hospice team members are specially trained experienced doctors, nurses, therapists, counsellors, social workers and volunteers, who work closely together to meet the complex needs of their patients and their families at all times.