ALLIANCE Live aims to shine a spotlight on the many examples of innovative and integrated working taking place within health and social care

ALLIANCE Live is a new information and learning portal connecting audiences to a range of experts from across health and social care. Panellists are invited to use the power of story to bring their work or lived experience to life, describing the success and challenges that come with any endeavour including living well with a long term condition or disability.

These examples will be delivered via a range of online formats, webinars featuring experts delivering incisive presentations, in-depth podcasts with panellists from across health and social care including people with lived experience, case studies capturing good practice and written stories and viewpoints providing a voice to people who experience services first hand.


NEXT WEBINAR: Excellence in Care

The regular ALLIANCE Live webinars provide a platform for experts from across health and social care to make a presentation on their work based on a particular theme. Following the presentations will be a Q&A where members of the audience can pose questions.

Our webinars allow individuals to gain an insight into new ways of working from across Scotland from the comfort of their own desk or home.


LISTEN NOW – Episode 3: A Draft Framework for Community Health and Social Care Integrated Services (this link will take you away from our website).  This podcast follows on from the live webinar which can be found in the webinars section.

Our Podcasts take the form of 30-minute informal interviews with panellists from across the broad spectrum of health and social care. These conversations provide the chance to hear in-depth on a variety of subjects and opinions from individuals including healthcare professionals, policymakers, unpaid carers and people living with disabilities and long term conditions.


If you have an idea for an ALLIANCE Live feature or would like more information please contact the team via email or call 0141 404 0231.