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I•ROC wellbeing has launched a powerful set of digital mental health recovery tools for organisations, practitioners and people.

This pioneering digital toolset has been validated by the University of Abertay and is already being used by organisations, including multiple parts of the NHS, in the UK, USA, Netherlands, Spain and others throughout the world.

I•ROC is a means to measure the recovery journey of people. Within I•ROC there are 12 indicators of wellbeing which fit into the HOPE Model. HOPE stands for Home, Opportunity, People and Empowerment and there are 3 indicators in each of these. The visual nature of the 12 question facilitated self-assessment generates a more focused and powerful conversation to establish a joint programme of support.

This is further enhanced by the HOPE Toolkit which helps build the relationship between staff and the person being supported and is designed to be reviewed every 3 months. It focuses the discussion on key aspects of the service user’s life, providing an opportunity for issues that they may have been nervous or unaware of to come out naturally in the conversation.

The I•ROC questionnaire is available in a traditional paper format, a web based application and a mobile app. Once the data is in a digital format, reports can be generated immediately.  The data collected can be used by practitioners to help monitor the impact of their service, identify key areas of support and track progress towards recovery all at a touch of a button.

For an organisation, this data can be used to measure their overall effectiveness, identify areas for future development and highlight demographic and equalities trends which can all demonstrate the value of work being done.

The core value of I•ROC wellbeing lies in its use as a tool to facilitate a focused outcomes discussion between the person being supported and staff, enabling them to set clear goals and targets together to support progress towards recovery.

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