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The ALLIANCE Humans of Scotland, shares and showcases short stories about the everyday lives of the people we engage with.

“I never thought I would get out my bed again. The pain and fatigue were who I was now, or so I thought.

At a hospital appointment I was lucky to meet someone with the same disease. The man was an outdoor sports enthusiast. Me, a CAD Draughstman. Both now unable to do what we loved. His advice, yes you are sick, however, you now have time. Time fraught with pain, anxiety, depression, yes but time to do what you want to do in life. His question to me, “What were you born to do?

Me “a writer, okay, a film director”

I tell other folk with M.E. this same story.

One dark relentlessly unrestful night, I decided to take that person’s advice, I got up and wrote a poem, it was called “Don’t trifle wae ma grannie.” I laughed for days afterwards, at the poem, and myself. I was very proud and happy, just for me. This poem, the first step to managing my disability in a better manner.

Due to the nature of the disease I have never seen that man again, nor do I know his name.

I have written around twenty poems, several songs and four plays. It keeps me well.”

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