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ERP Implementation for Penumbra by Optimum PPS

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This digital transformation project enhanced Penumbra's staff ability to ‘work on the go’ and improved their connectivity.

Penumbra had chosen Optimum to help deliver a digital transformation project to replace their old, non-integrated systems to enhance their staff’s ability to ‘work on the go’ and improve their connectivity. This meant installing a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and providing staff with new tools that would enhance how they work. Due to the complex nature of change projects, Penumbra turned to Optimum for support, both in governance and in implementation support.

The benefit of this is the ability to deliver a better service to the supported person thanks to improved systems and processes. For example, large amounts of time is saved as staff no longer have to return to the office to find paper information. Their new system supports working from a mobile device to access and update records on the go. This real-time way of working supports staff with up to date information and the reduced chance of vital info being missed due to a time delay in writing notes.

Backroom staff also see the benefit of these new systems as self-service portals allow for easy amendments to contracts and the ability for staff to update personal information. This reduced the time spend by HR teams managing information, allowing them to focus on more pressing tasks.

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