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“I was an army sergeant, so it was all stiff upper lip, get on with it”

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Kathleen talks about a turning point in her life, how reaching out for help changed things and how she now helps others in turn.

“I was an army sergeant, so it was all stiff upper lip, get on with it. But taking that step of asking for help was a big step and I did it.

My daughter was walking on eggshells because I couldn’t admit that I was at that stage where I needed help.

I’d left the army to have my family, but when I then went back to work I lost my job, which was why I was in that state. I’d never been in that position at all. I used to leave the house at quarter to nine in the morning and walk round all the back streets to my friend’s. I didn’t want anyone to know I wasn’t working anymore.

I phoned Cope Scotland. It was the best thing I did coming through those doors. I spoke to a lady here. I explained everything to her, I said I was ashamed because I thought I was tougher. She helped me, she let me get everything off my chest.

I work for Cope now. I can speak to people. I say to them “I do know how you feel.” They’ll come in in tears. They’ll say, “I’m sorry.” I’ll say, “Don’t apologise you haven’t done anything wrong, you’ve been so brave in coming.”

I’ve got my buzz back. If I go out anywhere, I’m the first one on the dance floor and I don’t even need a drink. I love going places. I love my life now.

When I do get anxious, I know there are people that can help. I’m not afraid anymore. I can, I will, and I will continue.”

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