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“Life has turned around. I feel as if I’m just starting to live now.”

Section: The ALLIANCEType: Case Study

A story of recovery from Adverse Childhood Experiences and the crucial role of support.

“I got a lot of help from Glasgow Association for Mental Health (GAMH) when I was going through dark times. I’ve written a few poems about it. It was a fluke that I found them. I saw an ad for a men’s health group and GAMH said they could help me.

I was very much a loner because of adverse childhood experiences. I felt like a snail in my shell. I only talked about things seven years ago. My way of dealing with it was shutting myself away.

I finally spoke to my sister and GP and I got one-to-one support from GAMH. I got introduced to other people.

I’ve got a lot of good friends now. We meet once a week at the library and have a chat.

The hardest thing to do is talk. It’s important to speak about things as soon as you can. Now I go around speaking to anyone who’ll listen. I do workshops at groups.

Life has turned around. I feel as if I’m just starting to live now. I like singing. I’d like to join a choir. I like ballads and Scottish music.

It’s not always easy to get advice. Sometimes it’s easier to speak to someone you don’t know.”

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