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Making Waves – deafscotland – Self Management Resource of the Year Award Nomination

Section: Self Management and Co-Production HubType: Case Study

As part of the Self Management Impact Series, find out how DeafScotland has made an impact on self management in Scotland.

As shortlisted nominee of the 2018 Self Management Resource of the Year Award, we want to share with you the learning from deafscotland and their success in supporting self management in Scotland.

A partnership led by deafscotland and includes Deaf Links, Tayside Deaf Forum and Deaf Action have created a resource which is an online series of films clips in British Sign Language (BSL) that explain the concepts of self management, long term conditions and the role of the ALLIANCE in an accessible way. It means that BSL users get access to good quality information that has been produced in a way that enables discussions with peers, family members or other supporters.

The resource is the first of its kind to enable the grassroots Scottish Deaf Community to have access to the concepts of long-term conditions and self management in their own language. The hearing community has heard these terms in context thousands of times through various mediums and have gained a good understanding of what this means to them as individuals. However, the Deaf Community have never been able to access auditory information/discussions, and most struggle to understand written English as it is a second language for them, so what the hearing population often assume “everyone knows” has often missed the Deaf Community completely. So, for the majority of Deaf BSL users in Scotland, this has been the first time they have been given access to the concepts and understanding of long term conditions, self management and the role of the ALLIANCE.

The resources were developed and designed in full co-production with grassroots Deaf BSL users, who know how best to present and disseminate information to the Deaf Community in a way they can not only understand, but also absorb. The delivery of the information on the film clips is carried out by BSL users in such a way as to ensure this, and has also developed their own confidence, understanding, resilience and skills. The BSL users in the film clip all experience different long-term health conditions, and the project has empowered them within their own self management, as well as motivating them to become champions for self management and peer support within the project. This will enable the project to have a wide reach, as involving respected grassroots BSL users in the film clips gives the project and its aims credibility and value within the Scottish Deaf Community.

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