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“Suddenly, we were hit with the so-called ‘disability price tag’.”

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The ALLIANCE Humans of Scotland, shares and showcases short stories about the everyday lives of the people we engage with.

“When my six year old disabled son Brody turned four years old, he suddenly became too big for the nappies that we could buy in supermarkets. We were ineligible for nappies from the continence service until he turned five and my only options were to squeeze him into size six nappies or buy specialist brands online, which were really expensive. Suddenly, we were hit with the so-called ‘disability price tag’.

I decided to post on the Facebook wall of Tesco and ask if they would consider making or selling bigger sized nappies for children like Brody. There was a great response to this from others facing similar dilemmas and so I set up a petition asking all supermarkets to consider it.

I had the support of thousands of parents and carers all over the UK and discovered that the continence service is a bit of a postcode lottery. Factors like referral age, waiting time and the number of nappies that a family receives varies depending on where you live. The demand for bigger nappies will always be there – either because people are ineligible for the continence service or because they need to ‘top up’ the number of nappies that they receive.

Tesco contacted me shortly after starting the petition and we worked closely together for two years. Tesco Junior Nappies went on sale at the end of October 2018. I hope that they will be a game changer for lots of families, particularly as there is no disability price tag.”

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